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Chargers dispute they're selling


08:01 AM ET 08.31 | It took the Chargers under 60 seconds to shoot down Tuesday's speculation. A Los Angeles-based website that often weighs in on the possibility of the National Football League's return to L.A. generated some traffic -- and a quick denial from the team -- after saying the Spanos family would sell the Chargers at the end of this season and the Bolts would relocate to L.A. under new ownership. "Never gonna happen," Chargers spokesman Mark Fabiani wrote in an email Tuesday afternoon. Fabiani's response came less than one minute after I emailed him, asking: "Can I get a reaction from you? Can you rule out the possibility? Or say if this something Dean Spanos and his family members might consider, selling the team so another owner could move it to L.A.?"

San Diego Union Tribune

Dean Spanos, Getty Images Dean Spanos, Getty Images
August 31, 2011  08:02 AM ET

Chargers SUCK!!!

August 31, 2011  08:03 AM ET

The Bolts won't do anything without their GM's expressed, written approval. Which is why they fail.

August 31, 2011  08:03 AM ET

I could see that happening.

August 31, 2011  08:12 AM ET

The stronger the denials the more likely things happen.

August 31, 2011  08:22 AM ET

Have I said it yet, if not.......Chargers Suck!!

August 31, 2011  08:28 AM ET

But the question is...........who's buying?

There is a guy up the coast looking for a team for a brand new stadium he wants to build.

Seems like a match in heaven.

August 31, 2011  08:29 AM ET

At this rate of gossib of teams across the league moving, we'll soon have 4 or 5 teams in LA.

August 31, 2011  08:29 AM ET


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August 31, 2011  08:35 AM ET

At this rate of gossip of teams across the league moving, we'll soon have 4 or 5 teams in LA.

But... this is the one that makes the most sense.

San Diego won't build a new stadium... 90 miles up the coast... started out there...

And a brand new shiny playground...

Chargers are #1 on my "LA" list...

August 31, 2011  08:43 AM ET

Football and LA don't click

August 31, 2011  08:44 AM ET

I thought the Vikings were moving to CA, Is LA getting 2 teams?

August 31, 2011  08:44 AM ET

No, Spanos isn't going to sell the Chargers so somebody else can move them to LA. He's going to keep the Chargers so he can move them to LA.

Look, if it makes good business sense to move them, why let someone else make the money? Unless, of course, you're just tired of being part of an orgainiztion that peaked as a perpetual one-and-done playoff team, and is now in a death spiral with all its players getting old at once.

August 31, 2011  09:49 AM ET

Someone should tell this guy ^^^^"Lets's facelift bar!" makes no sense at all, on the other hand ...Who really cares?

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August 31, 2011  10:43 AM ET

I heard that Arte Moreno is going to buy them, ship them to LA and will rename as the "Chargers of Los Angeles, San Diego greater Metroplex"....

August 31, 2011  11:31 AM ET

Rivers has started for 5 years. 55-25, 3 Pro Bowls, throws nearly 3x as many TDs as INTs every year....Yeah, he really sucks doesn't, he?

There are some better QBs in the NFL, but you're an idiot if you wouldn't want him on your team.

August 31, 2011  12:32 PM ET

I agree.......but trying tell'in that to these Phillip Rivers (overated underacheiver) lovers. ESPN fools are aready predicting NFL MVP........laughable.

Typical NY comment. Nobody can be any good unless he's from or playing in NY.

August 31, 2011  01:16 PM ET

as if spanos can be believed about anything.

August 31, 2011  02:45 PM ET

They should move. The stadium they play in is a dump. They haven't upgraded it since 1984!


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