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Jennings takes another shot at Kobe


08:06 AM ET 08.31 | Only last week, Brandon Jennings had made it clear how proud he was of where he's from, and his apparent tweaking of Kobe Bryant has gone territorial, too. [Jennings] tweeted about Bryant's performance in a Drew League game: "Kobe drop 45pts with the game winner. Yea where he at next I'm playing I need THAT! Lol." Now, he said Bryant shouldn't be able to play in the Drew League because he wasn't born in Southern California. Forget the five NBA championships Bryant has helped bring to Los Angeles. Birth certificates count, not resumes, according to Jennings. Jennings reportedly told [ESPN] in a Twitter exchange: "He wasn't born and raised in LA. You gotta be from LA to play for Drew. Show me a birth certificate."

The Orange County Register

Brandon Jennings, Getty Images Brandon Jennings, Getty Images
August 31, 2011  08:13 AM ET

You weren't born in Milwaukee, Bro.

August 31, 2011  08:26 AM ET

Jealous Ones Envy....

August 31, 2011  08:38 AM ET

what the heck. What does birth certificates etc has to do with someone playing in a sorry make believe charity league games. It is wasn't for the lockout, no on would have even heard about the Drew league anyways. They would still be talking about Ruckers and you dont need a birth certificate to play there.... Dude needs to win some championships and some mvp awards before he can even talk about the great Kobe Bryant. Things have changed indeed.

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August 31, 2011  08:56 AM ET

I like Jennings Bravado. Now, if Hammond would get some real athletes on the wing he could prove more on the court.

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August 31, 2011  09:20 AM ET

... . Next Up for Jennings ....

President Obama birth certificate.... LOL

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August 31, 2011  09:28 AM ET

L.A. is so damn spread out, he might need to be real specific on his geography.

KOBE was born in Philadelphia ....

should NOT be able to play in the Drew League because he wasn't born in Southern California. ....

Jennings in Compton, CA ....

but, to take the Tweets .... So Serious please ...

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August 31, 2011  09:40 AM ET

memo to kobe, gv this sob an elbow once the season begins...

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August 31, 2011  10:14 AM ET

He's scared of Kobe.

August 31, 2011  10:14 AM ET

Jealous Ones Envy....


August 31, 2011  10:18 AM ET

I'm a Bucks fan, (can't believe i put that in print), Jennings needs to ****. Kobe is a top 10 alltime player and can & should be able to play wherever & whenever. AAU players like Jennings are killing the NBA and are starting to kill College Basketball as well. Sad.

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August 31, 2011  10:27 AM ET

And out come all of the people who have never played in a league game, ran 5's on an inner-city basketball court, or even ATTENDED one of these events.

Instead of hating Jennings, step back and understand what he is trying to say... because he is right. As a higher level AAU-type team... they have ALWAYS been for local players only.

This has NOTHING to do with jealousy. But of course... you computer sport superstars know everything about everything.

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