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Why Wall's game is more dangerous


08:05 AM ET 09.19 | In a game featuring Michael Beasley, Kevin Durant, Jeff Green, Greg Monroe, DeMarcus Cousins and Kemba Walker, John Wall drew the headlines -- and not just for his game-high 40 points. [Wall] coolly dribbled up the court at Calvin Coolidge High on Saturday and Minnesota Timberwolves forward [Beasley] sagged off of him, almost daring Wall to take the long jumper. Without hesitating, Wall pulled up, dropped a three-pointer and Beasley made a double-take, as if to make sure that Wall was the player who really took the shot. ... [Said Beasley:] "I didn't know he could shoot like that," Beasley said after scoring 37 points for the losing squad. "Scouting report all year was let him shoot, let him shoot. I let him shoot."

The Washington Post

John Wall, Getty Images John Wall, Getty Images
September 19, 2011  08:21 AM ET

In order to play in Washington you need to know how to shoot.

Gilbert Arenas

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September 19, 2011  09:19 AM ET

this 40 point performance proves nothing.

September 19, 2011  09:38 AM ET

Now that is a loaded question, Bro.

September 19, 2011  09:53 AM ET

With that type of freakish athleticism and handles all he really needed was a half decent shot - a la Rose. If he really does have a shot he should be on the 2nd tier of elite PGs just behind the 1st tier - that being D-Will, CP3 & Rose. IMHO, he'll be at the Rondo level...

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September 19, 2011  10:55 AM ET

He loves Booker T. and the MG's, NEXT!

September 19, 2011  01:18 PM ET

Overhyped. That's what Wall is.

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September 19, 2011  03:13 PM ET

Why was Beasley playing D on Wall?

September 19, 2011  04:42 PM ET

Why was Beasley playing D on Wall?

Thats the thing no one was really playing D

September 19, 2011  06:25 PM ET

I dont put much stock in this performance on Beasley, but if this kid has truly dedicated himself to honing his jumpshot he immediately becomes unguardable. His physical tools can be questioned by no one. I hope the work ethic catches up soon

September 19, 2011  09:21 PM ET

No heart, no focus, no _______, etc.

C'mon, give the kid a break, he just turned 21.

Every other PG you'd compare him against is at least 2 years older with at least 2 more NBA seasons (160+ games) of experience......

September 19, 2011  10:19 PM ET

Looks like Wall is putting in work on his jumper. Washington has some young talent out there, especially if they can get JaVale McGee to work and fine tune his game, and get Rashard Lewis to give a d**n again!! John Wall just might be that young player to start building around!!


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