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Holliday lost for regular season?


08:16 AM ET 09.20 | Time is running short for a key piece in St. Louis. Without publicly conceding the point, the Cardinals are increasingly pessimistic about left fielder Matt Holliday' s return before the regular season closes Sept. 28. Holliday, who apparently suffered a tendon injury at the base of his right middle finger while swinging on deck during the team's Sept. 13 game against the Pittsburgh Pirates, has not picked up a bat since, according to several sources familiar with the situation. Holliday is scheduled to be re-examined this week. However, if his progress is this halting, few believe it realistic to believe he could factor as the Cardinals close their season with nine games in nine days. Manager Tony La Russa insisted he was unaware of Holliday's prognosis.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Tony La Russa, Getty Images Tony La Russa, Getty Images
September 20, 2011  08:27 AM ET

Methinks he was flipping off some heckling fans too vigorously...

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September 20, 2011  08:37 AM ET

Holliday has had the weirdest year as far as "injuries" go!

September 20, 2011  08:39 AM ET

Holliday has had the weirdest year as far as "injuries" go!

That time missed two games because he had a not-so-fresh feeling "down there" was the worst...

September 20, 2011  08:56 AM ET

They can win the wild card without him. Just keep it rolling and hope for a little help.

September 20, 2011  09:29 AM ET

Would like to see the Cards make a run....

I don't.

September 20, 2011  09:29 AM ET

I don't.

<cough> 2006 <cough>

September 20, 2011  09:45 AM ET

This sucks because the Cards need all of their weapons considering there are only 9 games to play and they still need 3 more wins than the Braves.

All in all, if StL does not make the playoffs, and assuming it is 3-4 games, the loss of Wainright will be felt even more now!

Hopefully, they can keep this lineup together and get Adam back...they do that, and they can contend.

September 20, 2011  11:19 AM ET

<cough> 2006 <cough>

Exactly. I was at Game 1 of that World Series. I don't know what the hell happened to the team, but we sucked.

I did get to see Pujols hit a HR though. That was kinda cool.

September 20, 2011  01:00 PM ET

close the deal Cardinals

September 20, 2011  02:43 PM ET

what is with these high priced athletes today? Good Lord, these guys go on the DL when shaving. Get in shape and get to work. tendon in your finger give me a break

September 20, 2011  02:59 PM ET

When we signed this over-rated chump,I said he was the BIGGEST waste of money. All he's done is complicate the signing of more deserving key players and add some competition for hitting in to the most DP's. And we'll be hung with him and his ridiculous contract for years to come! Cards look improved without him!

September 20, 2011  03:25 PM ET

Cards gotta do something about that creepy guy in shades who keeps hanging around their dugout

September 20, 2011  06:14 PM ET

From this evening's Post Dispatch:

Cardinals outfielder Matt Holliday was cleared to take light swings off a batting tee this afternoon as general manager John Mozeliak said there is increased "optimism" about the slugger's availability at some point in the remaining week of the regular season.

"Over the last 48 hours, we are a little more optimistic," Mozeliak told the media this afternoon. "The easiest way to think about it is as a day-to-day progression. He's been cleared to swing the bat."


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