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D-Wade confronts Stern in labor meeting


09:16 AM ET 10.01 | Before a stunning confrontation between Dwyane Wade and NBA commissioner David Stern in Friday's labor meeting, Wade, LeBron James and Chris Paul told their Players Association peers that they're willing to sit out the season rather than make further concessions to the owners, sources told Yahoo! Sports. If nothing else, the owners did see the star players' resolve on Friday. Once the players entered the room with the owners, Wade reacted harshly to what he perceived as Stern's condescending way of lecturing him on the issue. In the exchange, Wade referred to Stern as "David" twice in the exchange, emphasizing the commissioner's first name.

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October 1, 2011  09:36 AM ET

so sit out then...could care less

October 1, 2011  09:42 AM ET

I don't know what gets a deal done. I know confrontation and disrespect does NOT.

October 1, 2011  09:57 AM ET

The game is greater than a player, Bro.

October 1, 2011  10:03 AM ET

I think a superstar stepping up to the plate, and saying he is 100% on board is a good thing.

What the players need to realize here though is that the owners are set on coming out of these negotiations with a radically altered system. The players can fight against it, but if owners such as the Buss family are good with radical changes to the system, like a tiered revenue sharing luxury tax, not much is going to divide ownership.

A very large percent of the owners want a system that looks closer to the NFL. Your biggest superstars would get a large piece of the pie along with guaranteed contracts. The average and bottom rung players will have non-guarenteed deals. They could be cut for play, or for salary reasons. Owners like that because they could get out of bad contracts faster, and rebuild quicker. They are also shooting for an injury opt out clause of sorts.

This honestly will probably be good for us the spectators because how many teams are hamstrung for years because of **** guaranteed deals.

No matter how you look at it though......for the time being we are screwed. When football is over things are going to be real boring. But lets face it, once all these millionaire's start losing money, that is when these talks are going to quicken up. I really don't think there will be an NBA season this year:/

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October 1, 2011  10:18 AM ET

Wow Lebron James and Chris Paul, young guys in their primes, are willing to sit out. Wonder what some of the older guys at the end of their big contract potential think. Think Chauncy Billups wants these idiots speaking for him?

October 1, 2011  10:38 AM ET

You can still sign them to a very long term contract but make the guarantee to 2-3 years. This will still benefit both the superstar and the team. If that superstar has performed to the standards up to the last guaranteed year than it's a no brainer that his remaining years of his contract will be guaranteed. If the team don't extend the contract

To tell you the truth Guam. I think the owners are fighting for something similar to that. I believe the owners are trying to include what is close to that. It would be called an "amnesty clause" where teams could rid of their worst guaranteed contracts, by waiving the player, and that money would come off the teams books. The guaranteed contract would still "STICK" or stay guaranteed, but the player would be free to be picked up by a different team.

You are starting to sound like an owner Guam.........I don't know if that is good, or bad:)

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October 1, 2011  11:16 AM ET

IMPEACH DAVID STERN!!!!!!!!!!!!The owners who are losing money need to fold up shop and contract. David Stern works for the owners and therefore needed to be checked. His ego is out of control and for him to point and D-Wade and basically blame him for the way Miami got over on the NBA was wrong. He should've been pointing and LeBron. There is still a way both sides could get what they consider a fair deal. Take the emotions out of it and think as men. Finger pointing is not the way to go.

P.S. D-Wade better watch out if Stern suspended MJ he can suspend D-Wade too. I'm not saying, I'm Just Saying.

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October 1, 2011  11:34 AM ET

Stern should go ahead and just shut it down.

No point in delaying the inevitable.

Deliver a clear message that BAU is not going to be acceptable.

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