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Did Napoli trade lead to Angels dumping GM?


09:46 AM ET 10.01 | The Angels worked their way quickly through the unavoidable charade Friday and sent the loudest message possible to their fans. Being a late-season contender isn't enough. Sitting at home in October, watching pinstripes and Texans on TV, won't cut it. Having the ever-present great fan experience and welcoming 40,000 to every home game is nice, but not the whole goal. General Manager Tony Reagins resigned Friday. He was on duty when the Angels traded away Mike Napoli and brought Vernon Wells on board for around $80 million. Napoli had a year for Texas with Johnny Bench and Mike Piazza-like numbers, a good portion of that against the Angels. He hit several homers at the Big A that seemed to descend into the distant bleachers from out of the clouds.

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October 1, 2011  10:20 AM ET

As a Jays fan, i coulda told him how badly that trade would fail for him. Not that i was complaining

October 1, 2011  10:55 AM ET

The worst trade in a long time

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October 1, 2011  11:23 AM ET

You don't Trade a promising player for a Washed up 81 mil used to be this guy. Should have been gone long ago right around the Texira trade and how much the Angels gave up on a rental player.

October 1, 2011  11:25 AM ET

Scoscia didn't like Napoli.

So... why is this the GM's fault?

October 1, 2011  11:46 AM ET

Toronto named Napoli exec of the year.

October 1, 2011  11:47 AM ET

Napoli wasn't a fit for the team since Scioscia didnt like to play him. But trading for Vernon and eating almost his entire contract is inexcusable.

October 1, 2011  12:01 PM ET

Just letting John Lackey walk, should have guaranteed him a job for life.

October 1, 2011  12:31 PM ET

Speaking of John Lackey and Vernon Wells, maybe a trade sending Wells to Boston, and Lackey back to Anahiem might be beneficial to both teams.

October 1, 2011  01:38 PM ET

Completely on the Wells end of the deal. No one could have predicted that Napoli would have had the year he did. If that was possible the Jays wouldn't have traded him either.

Jays still should have kept him. He'd be a good DH and backup catcher at the very worst (assuming they are gung-ho on keeping Arencebia behind the plate)

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October 1, 2011  08:33 PM ET

Napoli can stay here as long as he wants.

He's damn sure earned it!

October 1, 2011  08:40 PM ET

No complete game for Shields tonight...

October 2, 2011  12:50 AM ET

The Angels sat on their thumbs and did not pick up a set up man and it killed them in the long run. Adams was begging to go there, because it is close to his home in San Diego, and they did not pull the trigger and Texas got him. The Angels lost 6 games in their last 25 while leading or tied after 7 innings.. That is a killer- The GM should be fired for not picking up Adams and letting him go to Texas which sealed the Angels fate.. Now I hear they are going to pursue Fielder? That would be a huge mistake.. the guy is going to command a huge salary, he is too fat, his body is going to fail him, and he will just be a useless Mo Vaughn like player making $25 million a year..

October 2, 2011  02:58 PM ET

Scoscia didn't like Napoli. So... why is this the GM's fault?

reagins should had gone long time ago, he proved that as a GM was useless regardless of the little right things that he did with the angels, lets not forget that he brought fuentes, bad deal, pineiro bad deal, kazmir trade was a killer for the halos, napoli /rivera trade was as bad as any other trade, trading for wells it did send the angels all the way back to the bottom, all in all reagins the worse GM in history for the halos!!

October 2, 2011  03:01 PM ET

lets hope that the new angels GM be more accurate in his vission as a GM in halos franchise, hope the new GM has more creativity in his knowledge in the baseball business, as we all know been a GM its not easy job to handle!!

October 2, 2011  03:07 PM ET

mike sciocia likes to get good deffense catcher behind the plate, if napoli was traded to another team the manager could do nothing about it!!

October 2, 2011  03:08 PM ET

its well known that the halos lack in different spots in their lineup!

October 2, 2011  03:14 PM ET

from third baseman to first baseman, to the closer, the halos were short two starters in their rotation, their DH spot was never productive enough to help their offense, their outfield was the weakest offense in the whole season!!!


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