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Rodman: Players should bow down


08:14 AM ET 10.14 | Even at 50, Dennis Rodman calls 'em like he sees 'em. As is his custom, the flamboyant Rodman didn't leave quietly suggesting to reporters, when asked about the current NBA lockout, that NBA players should just take whatever the owners offer and get back to work. "I just think that ... the players should bow down," Rodman said. "They should bow down. In 1999 we (were locked out) and we missed half the season. The owners bowed down then. They gave the players everything. I think the players should do the same thing for the owners because today most of these teams are losing money. It's not the players' fault. It's the owners' fault. I think they should give a little bit and move on."

Toronto Sun

Kobe Bryant, Getty Images Kobe Bryant, Getty Images
October 14, 2011  09:13 AM ET

He's smarter than he looks!

Of course he would have to be...

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October 14, 2011  09:42 AM ET

And kiss the owners feet too

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October 14, 2011  10:06 AM ET

By the time the season starts (if it actually does), many fans will be busy with other things. Attendance will tank. Good luck playas.

October 14, 2011  10:17 AM ET

I'm confused, Dennis ... It's the owners' fault but the players should bow down? WTF?

October 14, 2011  10:27 AM ET

Where have Rodman been? The players have given ground and given something back. Coming down from 57 percent to 53 percent is substantial in my view. The owners want a 50/50 split, if the percentage was not 57 percent to begin with I could agree with the 50/50 split. The owners are at fault because they agreed upon the 57 percent from the last barganing agreement. Giving back some and not all is progress in my opinion, I mean, what the hell, the owners want all. Come on Dennis, your not playing now and all of sudden it's alright to give back so much. In my estimation I believe that this agreement also involves the retired players as well, aren't Dennis getting some of the benefits?

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October 14, 2011  11:55 AM ET

50/50 is not giving everything all. The owners caved in before because they didn't expect a recession. Rodman is so right on this. If the players have your thinking than there will be no season.

Agreed. The players have to realize that the owners will not move from this position. They were lucky to have 57% of the BRI in the old CBA but as you said that was done in a different economic time. Now? The owners have to hold onto their position and it's a matter of time before Billy Hunter, and Derek Fisher realize that.

October 14, 2011  12:36 PM ET

Its good to see that Rodman still knows as much about what he's talking about as ever.

Funny thing is he knows more than you do.

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October 14, 2011  01:43 PM ET

No he doesn't and neither do you.


October 14, 2011  01:44 PM ET

so Rodman's theory is since the owners were dumb n agreed 2 the last CBA the players should follow suite?? And how does this acutally FIX the problem with the system?? Yea, this guy is a genious..not!!!!

October 14, 2011  02:05 PM ET

No he doesn't and neither do you.

Wow, you sure told him.

October 14, 2011  04:35 PM ET

"Bow Down when you come to my town"

Good article lambasting stern on Si today.

October 15, 2011  02:09 AM ET

Dennis should replace David Stern


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