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Cowboys no longer trust Romo


08:03 AM ET 10.17 | At the end of Sunday's Cowboys-Patriots game, much of the talk centered around another Tom Brady game-winning drive. There was talk also of untimely penalties and the need to learn how to finish games. But what we really learned about the Cowboys Sunday is that coach Jason Garrett no longer trusts his quarterback. Too many bad trips on the Tony Romocoaster over the first month of the season made Garrett gunshy when it mattered most. ... Even a frustrated owner Jerry Jones admitted as much. After trying his best not to second-guess Garrett, Jones spoke at length about not going for the dagger late in the game. "It could have been a tremendous boon for us," Jones said.


Tony Romo, AP Tony Romo, AP
October 17, 2011  08:07 AM ET

When you can't trust your QB late in a game with a small lead..this is what you get.

October 17, 2011  08:10 AM ET

They are just figuring this out. Next they will trade Romo for McNabb. Unbelievable!!!

October 17, 2011  08:11 AM ET

You mean 3rd and 13 isn't a running down?

October 17, 2011  08:13 AM ET

That's unfortunate.

October 17, 2011  08:14 AM ET

You mean 3rd and 13 isn't a running down?

More of a running out of downs

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October 17, 2011  08:18 AM ET

No shame in losing this one... that cat on the other side is pretty damn good.

As the enormous Big Tuna once said - "You are what your record says you are"...

We are 2-3.

October 17, 2011  08:22 AM ET


October 17, 2011  08:22 AM ET

Looks like the mods got bored with deleting avatars and moved on to the big pics at the top. Or maybe it's just hard to tell the diff between a pic of Romo and an up-skirt shot.

October 17, 2011  08:35 AM ET

I really didn't expect them to win but overall they did pretty well. You have to remember they were playing Saint Brady and the "Hooded Football God." The rest of the season gets easier from here and I expect they will be in the chase. However until they can beat the good teams on the road it's a moot point. For all his faults Romo did out play Brady yesterday so I can't see why he should take any heat this week.

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October 17, 2011  08:48 AM ET

Not a fan of Romo or the the'Pokes (never liked getting the "America's team" thing crammed in my face) but they did pretty well for a 1-3 team, on the road against a guy who is passing an average of 360 YPG... Romo didn;t do too much to harm the team... on the other hand he didn;t standout too much either...

October 17, 2011  08:55 AM ET

The problem is that everyone annointed Tony Romo as the second coming of Roger Staubach before he proved a thing in the league. As a result, even though he's a decent quarterback, he's a huge disappointment to Cowboy fans, players and coaches. Dallas should trade him (Minnesota?) and get what they can for him. But don't be surprised if he turns things around for his new team where expectations will be low and he'll have a chance to find himself again. It's a no win situation right now for both the team and the player: they should part ways as fast as they can.

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October 17, 2011  08:58 AM ET

when did they trust Romo?

October 17, 2011  09:04 AM ET

...never liked getting the "America's team" thing crammed in my face...

Think you hate it?

Imagine being on this end of it.

I loathe it... just as Landry did.

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