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Red Sox covet Blue Jays manager


10:40 AM ET 10.23 | When the Red Sox and Terry Francona parted ways, Blue Jays manager John Farrell was the preferred candidate to manage the team, according to a major league source. There is conflicting information on how deep the Red Sox are at this point in continuing their exploration of Farrell. They have discussed internally a few current managers, and the one who would fit best would be Farrell. One major league source said the Sox would be concerned about giving compensation to a division rival. Another thought the issue already had been brought up and the discussions about it went about as well as the Theo Epstein/Cubs compensation talks. In other words, nowhere. "Hard to believe the Blue Jays would let him go back," said a team source.

Boston Globe

John Farrell, Icon SMI John Farrell, Icon SMI
October 23, 2011  10:42 AM ET

Too Bad, Bros.

October 23, 2011  11:26 AM ET

this job isn't as glamorous as it once was...good luck with that clubhouse to whomever they choose

October 23, 2011  11:39 AM ET

won't happen.

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October 23, 2011  12:02 PM ET

I think Bucky Dent would be a great choice for the job.

Buckner is still out there.

October 23, 2011  12:15 PM ET

Buckner is still out there.

So is Joe Torre.

October 23, 2011  12:21 PM ET

Word has it that Fisk is working the heavy bag twice a day to get ready should he get the call.
He's also practicing his signature move of choking one guy against the ground while pummelling another guy with the other hand that worked so well against the Yanks.

October 23, 2011  12:28 PM ET

Last Call should be given before the 7th inning.

October 23, 2011  12:30 PM ET

the Sox should look somewhere else, personally I would consider Jason Varitek among the candidates

October 23, 2011  12:37 PM ET

Is he bringing beer and pretzels???

October 23, 2011  12:40 PM ET

<personally I would consider Jason Varitek among the candidates>

Given what went on in the clubhouse (and perhaps the dugout) I would not consider Jason Varitek at all. You're either the Captain, or you're not. If some players conditioning was lacking Tek should have been riding them until they got the message. The prima donna pitchers should have been brought to heel too. Players out for stats first, ditto.

Once upon a time Tek WAS a leader; signature moment of giving A-Rod what-for. At that time I thought he'd make an excellent manager. Perhaps he still can but I don't see it happening in Boston. Too many players know Tek didn't step up and show that the "C" on his shirt front wasn't just for decoration. If you hang a welcome mat on your back don't be surprised when people take you up on the offer.

Read more: ays-manager?eref=sihp&sct=hp_bf2_a5#ixzz1bcigmRqy

October 23, 2011  12:45 PM ET

heard he taps a mean keg.....

October 23, 2011  01:08 PM ET

Varitek: 20 years in the minors

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October 23, 2011  02:36 PM ET

Why not Ben Affleck? He might fit into that atmosphere. Or, if you want more of a baseball tradition, Casey Affleck.

October 23, 2011  03:56 PM ET

WTF? Well I guess if it worked for Belichick abandoning the Jets to return to the Patriots as head coach - why not for Farrell? (just give us Adrian Gonzalez and we'll call it even).

October 23, 2011  04:00 PM ET

I offically throw Alacran's hat in the ring!!!!!!!!!!!!!


October 23, 2011  04:33 PM ET

Interesting the Sox are worried about giving compensation to the Jays, when they CREATED the compensation issue with Theo going to the Cubbies!

As a Yankee fan, I respected both Theo and Tito, and thought that was a heck of a team up there. But the ownership sukz! I mean they're getting as bad as a certain deceased former Yankee owner in some respects...

I also think John Farrel is a good guy.

October 23, 2011  04:34 PM ET


I have to agree. This team NEEDS the Alacran method!!!

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