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Davies' done with D.C. United?


11:33 AM ET 10.23 | As his first, and perhaps only MLS season winds to a close, Charlie Davies' career is again at a crossroads. On the heels of a disappointing end to a season which started with so much promise, the loan that kept Davies at D.C. United in 2011 is coming to an end, and parent club Sochaux and D.C. United will have to come to an accord soon regarding the 25-year-old's has become increasingly clear that he is not at a playing level befitting a Ligue 1 player right now, and his parent club Sochaux will be keenly aware of that fact. Davies' loan to D.C. United came with a $1.3 million buyout clause for the MLS club to purchase him outright at the end of the season. It's highly unlikely the club will pay that amount, but the figure is negotiable, so the two sides could theoretically agree on a reduced fee. It's also possible that another loan deal could be worked out, which would seem to be a practical option for both sides. If no agreement can be reached, Davies will return to France and face a highly murky playing future.


Charlie Davies, Icon SMI Charlie Davies, Icon SMI
October 23, 2011  11:59 AM ET

wtf United...

October 23, 2011  12:30 PM ET

That. Was. Weird... With all respect to the ManU fans on here in their dark hour, that was the weakest performance I have seen from a top class team in some time. Their defense Certainly it didn't help being down a man, but my goodness. I don't recall ever feeling embarrassed for Sir Alex, but now I think that is the only way to explain the odd sensation I am having. I think that may come back to haunt City (oh I very much hope so). I don't like ManU, but I despise the noisy neighbors and their fans more than any other Premiere league team. ManU fans, and TLVG in particular, do you think they will make any changes come January to address the defense, or do you think they just had a brain-fart today and all can be fixed from within?

October 23, 2011  12:32 PM ET

Correction: It is much more accurate to say that I don't support ManU, not 'I don't like them.'

October 23, 2011  02:24 PM ET

I think the talk of Man U being able to hang with Barca can finally be put to rest. But I don't think that Man U is as bad as they looked today

October 23, 2011  02:37 PM ET

well, its okay...

they only spent 250+ million pounds for that win

October 23, 2011  04:29 PM ET

If there are any doubts remaining that David Silva is the best player in the EPL so far this season, I think today should have resolved them. Not only was he involved in 5 out of the 6 goals, but almost every City attack flows through him at one point or another. And that pass on the 6th goal ??? absolutely perfect.

October 23, 2011  06:19 PM ET

Yeah - didn't see a 6-1 beatdown at home coming ManU's way. Wow.

October 23, 2011  06:24 PM ET

As far as Charlies situation - it would behoove he, DCU, and Sochaux if a reasonable compromise were worked out. He needs to keep playing somewhere, and he won't get PT in France.

October 23, 2011  11:13 PM ET

That "promising start" to his season was really just the result of being picked to take multiple penalty-kicks for easy goals.

He never looked particularly dangerous from the run of play, from beginning of season to end.


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