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Scioscia insists he won't step on GM's toes


08:13 AM ET 10.26 | Mike Scioscia says he simply isn't capable of doing what some believe is his M.O. There is a perception in the media, among fans and around baseball that [Scioscia's] strong opinions on personnel matters could be an impediment to the Angels hiring a top-flight general manager. Some have even suggested Scioscia is the de facto GM. Scioscia took aim at that perception in an interview Tuesday with ESPN. ... Scioscia's comments could be an indication that the power structure within the team could be shifting, opening the door to a higher profile for the incoming GM. "I'm going to give opinions to him," Scioscia said. "I don't look at budgets. I don't count money."

Mike Scioscia, Getty Images Mike Scioscia, Getty Images
October 26, 2011  08:33 AM ET

facinating story guys...

Anyone wanna include the article?

October 26, 2011  08:34 AM ET

08:13 AM ET 10.26 | t

Are the guys who "facelift bar" also responsible for posting articles at this point?

October 26, 2011  09:18 AM ET

Hey - Scioscia...

Thanks for Napoli!

October 26, 2011  11:25 AM ET

Hey - Scioscia... Thanks for Napoli!

mike sciocia didn't have any type of clash, the reality it was that napoli didn't have the durability in terms of health most of the times he was injuried, for whatever reason he just use to got injuried, sciocia use to place him in the lineup, the player was easy injuried not that the manager didn't want to pu him in their lineup but rather at that point mike napoli did lack in durability, perhaps he did need to move to another state, perhaps his future in the big leagues wasn't with the angels, did the GM screw with the trade? yes because he didn't get nothing in return and got a hefty deal along with the useless wells!!!

October 26, 2011  11:31 AM ET

the GM has great deal of responsability, if they didn't make the deal that the organization, owner, fans expected, that GM will get hammer, and if he sign a horrible deal plus the player don't play to the higher level the GM will have to answer why did he sign that deal? why he didn't evaluate the contract? the player it self? this type of business has too many twist and turns, this business requires alot patience alot knowledge in the field!!

October 26, 2011  11:36 AM ET

did mike sciocia would like to take over in the GM spot, i don't think that should be sciocia department, sciocia its good in the manager spot he has proved to both leagues that he has the capability to handle any lineup, regardless if his playing a team with patch lineup, he has the knowledge on how to play the game he never regrets if he give and order he will stick with it, this manager has a great passion for the game has great respect for the game and for the fans!!

October 26, 2011  11:40 AM ET

just like mike sciocia says, he doesn't count the money,he doesn't make any budgetts, his job its in the front seat carrying the team guiden the team its his job taking the team to a higher level that's his job, as longs the GM provides him with talent in the lineup the manager shouldn't have any problems, though the manager has being playing with utility players in the last two seasons or so!!

October 26, 2011  11:46 AM ET

the angels do need durability players, too many injuries, too many players play with low avg but we have to read the ups and lows there are players who only play just because they have to play, they don't because they like it or because they enjoyed but rather just play because they don't have another choice, hunter will play whenever he feels like playing, abreu its the most conssistant in the plate he has being in decline in the last season, mathis love to play but he lacks soo bad in the offense that he may help his team in one side but hurt his team in the other side!

October 26, 2011  11:52 AM ET

on wells its very little we can say about him, this player its the worse in the whole word, he will go to the plate and swing at the very first pitch he didn't care if its good pitch to swing, he didn't care if he has a runners in first or in second, all what he did just go there swing the pitch and get out of there, all what this player wanted its what he show in the game, he wanted out of the plate, out of the field and just seatdown and keep warm that bench!!

October 26, 2011  11:57 AM ET

did mike sciocia mess up the lineup when he give a spot to well knowing how this player plays? from a point of vew he has no choice the organization its paying him way too much money for doing nothing, if you have the player then use him if the player doesn't like to play there nothing the manager, or the hitting coach or the owner can do, i think that this player lacks in discipline, lacks in being patience at the plate, lacks in respect for the game lacks in respect for his own team mates, has no shame the way he goes out to play every game!!

October 26, 2011  11:59 AM ET

all in all the halos have their hands full, too many issues to address too many things to fix, too many spots to cover, angels have to take one step at the time!!

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October 26, 2011  05:06 PM ET

Scioscia can't step on anybody's toes because his belly gets in the way.

Rex Ryan likes that because Mike can't see what Rex is doing to his toes.

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October 26, 2011  07:10 PM ET

playing wisely the game can pay off in great way, though motivation most be creative the lineup should be fillup with players who really are wiiling to chalenge their own goals!!

October 26, 2011  07:16 PM ET

the franchise should at least help the team by adding a solid bat, a power hitter its a most the DH spot has to be strong spot where a player can feel enough protection to be able to play to his full capabilities, if the DH spot its weak there is very little that the other players can do!!

October 26, 2011  07:27 PM ET

the angels organization most try their very best to to hire the best GM, to place anybody in that spot just because they need it or because its a rule that they most follow it would be the wrong thing to do, business are very fragil to do can't over look and just keep going, everything has to be on deep evaluation, to hire a person just because everybody says he its outstanding as a GM it shouldn't be enough, the halos will need to work with more than just background check, the angels would need a solid credibility they just can't place a person and that person sign players just because they are free agents, every player should prove that they have in reality what it takes to win a pennant, to win a game its need more than simple dream, they most put their body and soul in the field dasy in day out!!

October 26, 2011  07:33 PM ET

anaheim will need to get a better pitching coach, a better hitting coach, the bullpen coach has to be extra motivated towards the relievers and starters, the bench coach should be on his toes and be willing to go the extra mile with the utility players!!!


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