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Royals-Braves trade talks stall


09:39 AM ET 11.05 | Royals general manager Dayton Moore acknowledged Friday having a conversation with the Braves about potential trade match-ups but apparently the asking price was too steep. The Kansas City star is reporting the Braves wanted top outfield prospect Wil Myers, as well as center fielder Lorenzo Cain for Jair Jurrjens and possibly Martin Prado, but the Royals are unlikely to part with Myers. The talks appear to have stalled, but it's clear the Braves are exploring the possibility of cutting payroll by trading arbitration eligible players who are approaching free agency like Prado and Jurrjens.

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Jair Jurrjens, Icon SMI Jair Jurrjens, Icon SMI
November 5, 2011  10:10 AM ET

The Braves are trying to cut payroll by moving" arbitration eligible "players? OK, but since when did KC want to throw money around? An odd trading partner in this case.

November 5, 2011  11:25 AM ET

Royals are crazy not to move on Jurrjens, they clearly need the arms

November 5, 2011  01:49 PM ET

Royals are crazy not to move on Jurrjens, they clearly need the arms

they actually have arms in the minors, they have a pretty good system now that they've sucked for so long

November 5, 2011  02:36 PM ET

the goal in here its who gets the beneffit or who gains anything from this trade? its clear that the braves wants to move this players because the braves goal its to cut payroll, and the players that had being involved won't be eligible for arbitration untill 2013? or they will be eligible in 2012 season?

November 5, 2011  02:41 PM ET

the braves should get lorenzo cain and any other sngle A prospect,after all the braves want to remove this players from their roster at the same time they will benefit by sending any due contract to the royals, in this matter the royals should have the rights to whom they would like to trade, after all the royals would have to figureout what to do with this players, they may trade them for another hitters or pitching as well,

November 5, 2011  02:44 PM ET

if jjurgens itsn't eligible for arbitration untill 2013 then the royals could use him in their top rotation for the 2012 season and trade him in the midseason on 2013 season,

November 5, 2011  02:50 PM ET

prado will get about 4.5 millions in 2012 season? the tag itsn't that high plus this player has great conssistancy in the avg, he hits for doubles, as thriples, as homeruns, and alot singles, this player its a contact player,the only problem its, that this two players have injuries issues, the only differences its that their injuries aren't that seriously high risk as other players alike, zisemore, Oswalt, lidge, reyes, beltran, to name a few!!

November 5, 2011  02:53 PM ET

jim thome will be playing for the phillies next season for the small amount of 1.2 million for one year deal, now does thome will be playing every day as a first baseman?? or only untill howard gets healthy and he be ready to play firstbase? or thome will play three times a week? or one's a week? wonder what type of agreement the phillies offer to thome!!

November 5, 2011  03:00 PM ET

jurrjens would fit greatly to the angels rotation, prado would be of a great help in the thirbase plus the offense the angels would get from prado would help them greatly, the angels would be more than strong in those two spots, the angels could use prado as a lead off hitter, plus their rotation could get more durability,more competetive, more stability in their rotation, weaver, haren, santana, jurrjens, after this move the angels would need to work in filling only on spot which is the fifth spot!!

November 5, 2011  03:05 PM ET

Will Myers is one of best hitting prospects in minors.

November 5, 2011  03:05 PM ET

if the angels would be able to take over those two players i'm sure the halos could sign both players for a three years extencion contract, perhaps 5 years/ 30 millions deal for each player by next year!!

November 5, 2011  03:09 PM ET

Will Myers is one of best hitting prospects in minors.

that's why the royals do not want to trade him to the braves, plus the braves are moving the contracts from each player to the royals,the braves shouldn't put any conditions towards this trade because their solely goal its to cut paroll in their franchise,

November 5, 2011  03:17 PM ET

when a team its trying to cut payroll, few things should be clearly specified,the team will trade the player and his current contract, or the team will trade the player but will pay half of the player contract, if the team will adsorb half or the whole amount in the player current contract, them the team has enough rights to demand better product in return, any team can't ask top prospects in return without adsorbing any amount from those players contracts!!

November 5, 2011  03:24 PM ET

is only fair for the royals to refuse to give top propect for the players contract, in other words, the braves should trade the players and the players contracts above mentioned to any other team but, the braves shouldn't demand top quality prospects in return unless the braves are willing to adsorb half of the contract in each player, by doing that the braves are forcing the opposite team to give what the braves are demanding!!

November 5, 2011  03:35 PM ET

the angels did the worse deal last march 2011 season, the angels GM trade, juan rivera and mike napoli for vernon wells plus vernon wells contract, who got benefit from this deal? the blue jays, who lose in this deal? the angels, the angels not onlu lose two players but they did lose flexibility in their budget, the halos took a hefty contract in their own payroll plus they took a player who didn't help the team at all, plus the team has to keep this player for another three years more, can the halos trade this player? yes they can but only if the angels pay in full the 84 millions for this player, in other words the angels are, and will be resposable for wells contract, did the angels previous GM mess up the angels payroll?yes that GM hurt the angels budget in alot of ways, kazmir deal the lose 12.5 millions, now on wells they have lose 84 millions, even if the player remains with the team the angels have very little help in return from this player!!

November 5, 2011  03:36 PM ET

Royals are crazy not to move on Jurrjens, they clearly need the arms

they need the arms but the team shouldn't give up top prospects plus get the two players contracts in return!!

November 5, 2011  03:38 PM ET

by moving" arbitration eligible

braves ideas are clear, but shouldn't try to hurt the other team farm system!!

November 5, 2011  03:45 PM ET

the angels could have enough money to use in this winter only if they didn't make that horrible deal with the jays last march, bad deals will comeback to hunted you in different ways, the franchise can't trade this player, can't use that money, can' get anything in return unless the franchise adsorbs the whole contract or be responsable for at least three quarters of wells contract!!

November 5, 2011  03:45 PM ET

trade wells for soriano and both players contracts its the only thing the team could try to do!!

November 5, 2011  03:50 PM ET

or trade wells his contract, for zambrano and soriano plus soriano's contract, that would help the angels in a small redemption, just to be able to easy down the pain that reagins left in the angels organization!!


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