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Thome may help Phillies court Cuddyer


10:07 AM ET 11.06 | One of the instant benefits to signing Jim Thome could be his recruiting ability. Thome played coy Saturday when asked, but it was clear he had already begun selling the idea of joining the Phillies to former Minnesota teammate Michael Cuddyer. Cuddyer is a free agent who can mash righties and play multiple positions. The Phillies, like many teams, would value that sort of commodity.

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November 6, 2011  10:21 AM ET

You have to assume they'll play Thome at 1B, at least until the human strikeout machine comes back from his Achilles injury. Would they play Cuddyer at 3B?

November 6, 2011  10:29 AM ET

thome will be playing in firstbase, two or three times per week, this player's body will be too tired by the time the game reach 9 innings!!

November 6, 2011  10:31 AM ET

cuddyer should be a great bat in the phillies lineup, plus brings flexibility in their infield as well!!

November 6, 2011  10:34 AM ET

willingham from the A's its a free agent, this player drove in 98 runs for a team that lacks in offense, willingham could be good bat in the phiilies plus this player its third or fourth as a R.B,I machine!!

November 6, 2011  10:57 AM ET

does thome its the answer for the phillies offense? not really, but the team still have enough time to lure cuddyer, willingham, fielder, and buerlhe why not?

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November 6, 2011  11:51 AM ET

the braves will lower their payroll through trades here and there, on lowe trade they had saved 5 millions, on jurrjens and prado they will save 10 millions, so this team will have enough cash to pay for another hot bat!

November 6, 2011  11:54 AM ET

it seems that the braves GM has being thinking in the braves future towards the long term, now tthis its a great plan a way to have the knowledge on how to invest and how to give a good use to the braves funds!!

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November 6, 2011  12:04 PM ET

thome will be playing in firstbase, two or three times per week, this player's body will be too tired by the time the game reach 9 innings!!

It's's not like the guy is pouring concrete or hanging sheet rock all day...he'll be fine at first base every day until Howard comes back...

November 6, 2011  12:13 PM ET

and Thome's recruiting spiel to Cuddyer? "Come to Philly for my last season. Oh, and I'll be at the end of the bench on or the DL by the all star break."

November 6, 2011  12:14 PM ET

prado would be the right player to play in the phillies team, this player has the flexibility to be playing either in the infield as the outfield,

November 6, 2011  12:16 PM ET

the phillies have to reforce the team with some power hitters and durability in their lineup!

November 6, 2011  12:44 PM ET

Cool. Bring on Cuddyer.

November 6, 2011  12:54 PM ET

I suppose if the Phillies were to get Cuddyer, he might end up playing RF. Not to cut on John Mayberry Jr., but I thought they would've used him at first for Howard, but then they got Thome. Interesting moves lie ahead for the Phillies.

November 6, 2011  03:52 PM ET

As a Twins fan, I'd hate to see Cuddyer go but the Twins are being driven into the ground by GM Billy Smith so I'm glad Cuddyer would have a more realistic chance of winning a WS championship with the Phillie vs. the Twins. And if he could do it with Jim Thome would be awesome. Cuddyer plays 1B, 2B, 3B, Outfield, he even pitched a scoreless inning this year so he is very versatile. Plus he has a good pop, lifetime yearly avg stats: 20 Home runs, 82 RBI, .272. Plus he's a gamer and great in the clubhouse. Phillies are smart to try and sign him.

November 6, 2011  07:19 PM ET

whoever have the right offer for cuddyer that team would get him, the phillies and the braves are just lucky that the yankees & red sox don't need this guy or else everything could be another different type of competence in the market!!

November 6, 2011  07:24 PM ET

should the angels try to bid for this player? and if so how could they afford him? as we all know the halos lack in financiall availability, the halos don't even have the luxury to trade a decent prospect, even if they did wanted their farm system its skinner than the squeletor!!

November 6, 2011  07:34 PM ET

angels could use morales as a trade bite, or trumbo as a trade bite, mike trout still too rusty to use him as a trade bite, in the pitching the halos are way to weak and they can't even imagine who could they trade in that department? so yes the angels have too many holes to fill too many problems to solve, too many issues to fix, but the grade of the difficulty it lies in front of the GM eyes because it not matter which way he turns there's practically nothing to offer in exchange for a better player, better hitter,better offense, could the angels change their hitting coach to be able to develope better offense? and the angels can't get strong in the middle of the lineup? those this mean the halos will remain playing with patching lineup for another season or more?

November 6, 2011  08:06 PM ET

the angels have a great challenge to overcome in the near future, first all of the halos would have to focusin their farm system, this franchise has to work really hard to refill their farm system holes, pitching propects, hitters propects, catching propects, power hitter propects, so the angels do have a hugh challenge to fix, to solve, the halos will need to concentrate in developing better players better propects better product in their minors, after that they may be able to work straight in the major team, i guess the angels would have to wait another two seasons to be able to compete with the teams like yankees, red sox, tigers, phillies even rays!!


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