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Epstein: Cubs want to bring back Wood


07:38 AM ET 11.19 | Cubs baseball president Theo Epstein confirmed Friday the process of re-signing Kerry Wood has begun. Epstein met with Wood for a casual get-together last week on Wood's home turf in Lincoln Park. Wood made sure Epstein felt right at home, choosing a bar that caters to Boston sports fans.

Chicago Tribune

Kerry Wood, Icon SMI Kerry Wood, Icon SMI
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November 19, 2011  07:44 AM ET

Baba Booey!

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November 19, 2011  07:57 AM ET

Incredible. So Cubs are looking for him in relief only I hope.

November 19, 2011  08:34 AM ET

Wood made sure Epstein felt right at home, choosing a bar that caters to Boston sports fans.

Oh really? And he expected said sports fans to fawn over St. Theo? Methinks Mr. Wood has a sense of humor here.

November 19, 2011  09:19 AM ET

Too bad the rest of Theo's decisions won't be as easy as this one

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November 19, 2011  10:59 AM ET

This would be a nice move for the Cubs but not one that would make a huge difference either way.

November 19, 2011  12:50 PM ET

He pitched pretty decent last year....wouldn't be a bad signing.....

November 19, 2011  12:53 PM ET

Good first start for Theo and the rebuilding Cubs. Guy can still pitch in relief. He wants to stay. Make it happen.

November 19, 2011  01:19 PM ET

Ho hum.....St. Theo? him a Saint when the Cubs put three to four seasons in a row that go deep into the playoffs culminating in a world championship. Until then, Theo makes a great name for a dog.

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November 19, 2011  02:32 PM ET

When Wood gets hurt like he usually does, the Cubs will have a nice excuse for not living up to expectations. I do respect Wood, though, if he was the player who destroyed Sammy Sosa's boombox, as has been speculated.

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November 19, 2011  03:12 PM ET

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November 19, 2011  03:16 PM ET

when the Cubs put three to four seasons in a row that go deep into the playoffs culminating

time, time will tell which way the cubs will go, the cubs with all this new changes, with all this new chemistry not only the owner expects different franchise to arise but a better team better future it should be brighter than the last 20 seasons in the past!!

November 19, 2011  03:18 PM ET

the angels have being changing alot excecutives in the front office, perhaps they could become a tough franchise in a few seasons, now the halos would need to bring a better and agressive approach in every at bat!!

November 19, 2011  03:25 PM ET

angels need to sign either pujols, or fielder to a five years contract, does the halos need this of type of players in the firstbase? they very well could move trumbo to the outfield, morales should be use at the DH spot, abreu and bourjo's should be traded, with either pujols or fielder in the halos lineup the team in 2012 should be one of the toughest lineup in the american league in the west division!!!

November 19, 2011  03:29 PM ET

if the angels are aware that pujols could be a great help for the franchise, in the long run this player could be the right deal, pujols would bring great revenue through the fans attendance, through the goods, through anything that the franchise use to add money to the bank!


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