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Will Nets re-sign Humphries?


09:41 AM ET 11.26 | What will the Nets' top priorities be in getting ready for their last season in New Jersey? Sign a power forward. It could be Kris Humphries, if they can get him for a reasonable price, but if they can upgrade, do that. The biggest name available on the free agent market is Nene, who probably would come in to play center, with Brook Lopez moving to power forward. If Nene stays put in Denver, which is likely, then the Nets can consider re-signing Humphries, who exploded last season as a player turning himself into a double-digit rebounder. Humphries would have been more intriguing if he was still married to reality star Kim Kardashian, but with that marriage having ended after just 72 days, Humphries is back to just being a 6-foot-9 basketball player, and the Nets can't be fooled into overvaluing him because of one good year.

Newark Star-Ledger

Kris Humphries, Icon SMI Kris Humphries, Icon SMI
November 26, 2011  09:43 AM ET

Baba Booey!

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November 26, 2011  11:32 AM ET

Poor Humphries. He still has payments to make on that engagement ring.

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November 26, 2011  12:28 PM ET

Couldn't Keep Up With The Kardashians', Bro?

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November 26, 2011  05:09 PM ET

He played great in the second half of last year and I'd like him resigned, but I'm not married to any player on the Nets (No pun intended) other than Brook or D-Will. They're a 25 win team with Kris Humphries, I'm sure they can win 25 without him.

November 26, 2011  05:24 PM ET

Everyone views him as a loser for not being able to stay married to Kim, but it looks as if he is the one who gains in the end by getting some of Kim's money. Yeah, his best move would be to lay low for a while and concentrate on basketball. If he continues to improve his game, then a couple years from now, people will view him in a new light, with this little Kardashian fiasco nothing but ancient history.

You all realize that kim just married him for her reality show and she is nothing more than a prostitute right?

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November 26, 2011  08:37 PM ET

This sort of story reinforces my belief that the NBA is one small step from becoming the WWE of basketball.

November 26, 2011  08:53 PM ET


November 26, 2011  10:12 PM ET

He will be getting half of Kim's money. Kim f up by effing Reggie Bush after 1 week of marriage. The prenup became null and void because Kim didn't do her part to try and save the marriage...Anyways, I think there will be teams out there who is willing to pick him up. He might need to lower his asking price...

Kinda proud to say that I didn't know that.


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