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Sapp: Vikes lack trust in coaches


08:05 AM ET 11.30 | The Vikings, who as of Wednesday were under the threat of their first blackout in more than a decade, are to the point of playing for pride and 2012 jobs. Perhaps the Vikings have little choice but to take the advice of the player who joined the roster 12 days ago -- veteran cornerback Benny Sapp, who played for the 2009 Vikings, who lost in the NFC championship game. "You just have to buy in," Sapp said. "That's one thing I feel as a team we lack a little bit, just buying in and believing in what the coaches are telling us to do and going out there and playing within ourselves and within the scheme and not have no out-of-body experiences and just play ball."

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November 30, 2011  08:11 AM ET

It works both ways, Benny.

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November 30, 2011  08:16 AM ET

Well they sold out their future when they got Favre now they suffer -there was no avoiding this

November 30, 2011  08:21 AM ET

Any player who'd buy into what the Vikes have been pitching the last few years would also buy into beach-front property up there in the Twin Cities.

November 30, 2011  08:26 AM ET

Vikes lack ALOT!!

November 30, 2011  08:30 AM ET

His quote seems to be questioning the players, not the coaches.

November 30, 2011  09:16 AM ET

His quote seems to be questioning the players, not the coaches.


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November 30, 2011  09:21 AM ET


I love how they spinned it, to make it out of the coaching staff.

November 30, 2011  09:25 AM ET

The Vikings have a completely new coaching staff except for a few special assistants. From the head coach, offensive coordinator, defensive coordinater and other special assistant throughout the coaching staff this coaching staff is new to the players as the players are new to the coaching staff. Without having any mini camps to help familiarize players with coaches and coaches with players along with play calling and identifying what's good or bad with talent, Minnesota is really a pretty bad team or Brett Farve was really great to carry this unit to a championship game and come within a field goal/interception of playing in the Super Bowl.

Minnesota have some playmakers on their team and will for sure add a good draft pick or two to the team for next season. Without a lockout present during this offseason Minnesota should perform differently next season and be more relevent. Now is the time to give those draft picks who are not playing an opportunity to play and find out where they fit next season. I don't believe Minnesota can afford to bring back that secondary or receiver corp, they need help, and a backup quarterback is a must along with finding some offensive line help.

November 30, 2011  09:38 AM ET

Accept the fact that this team needs to rebuild. Don't worry about wins. See what some of the guys on the bench can do. There must be a housecleaning at the end of the season, so take a look around and see who you want to keep and who you think you can use for trade bait.

Sorry, Adrian Peterson, you're staying, and you'll never get a ring.

November 30, 2011  10:03 AM ET

The Vike are GARBAGE. Keep what you can, gut the rest and start with a strong draft.

November 30, 2011  10:32 AM ET

And now we know why Les Frazier went ballistic when management forced Benny Sapp on him... what a tool.
Sad thing is, with Peterson, Harvin and Hutchinson on offense, Allen, Williams and Greenway on defense, there is talent on that team.

November 30, 2011  10:47 AM ET

When the players no longer believe in their coaches you're in BIG trouble!

November 30, 2011  10:49 AM ET

If you have an out of body experience during the game shouldn't that help you because you can see more of the field from that height?????

November 30, 2011  11:42 AM ET

Vikes lack ALOT!!

And... The Jets Suck!

November 30, 2011  11:48 AM ET

The coaches and players clearly need to bond in an extra curricular activity.
Did I hear someone say BOAT PARTY!!??

November 30, 2011  12:00 PM ET

As a resident of Minny... we're being wooed by some State level politicians for a new stadium. Ummm... no.

Next topic

November 30, 2011  12:03 PM ET

As a resident of Minny... we're being wooed by some State level politicians for a new stadium. Ummm... no. Next topic

My sister is St. Paul agrees.


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