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Report: Paul wants out, Knicks atop wish list


08:09 AM ET 12.02 | Chris Paul may seek a change of scenery, after all. [Paul's] agent informed New Orleans Hornets officials on Wednesday that his client will not sign a contract extension and wants to be traded to the New York Knicks, league sources told Yahoo! Sports. As soon as the NBA lifts its lockout restrictions, Hornets general manager Dell Demps wants to meet with Paul and hear that directive from him. Nevertheless, the prospects of the Hornets executing a trade with the Knicks appear to be dim, if not impossible. The Knicks simply don't have the trade assets that come close to meeting New Orleans' criteria for a deal. Demps has been listening to overtures from teams around the league.

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Chris Paul, Getty Images Chris Paul, Getty Images
December 2, 2011  08:20 AM ET

Baba Booey!

December 2, 2011  08:21 AM ET

You Want To Have Your Cake And Eat It Too, Bro?

December 2, 2011  08:23 AM ET

Welcome CP3, get this deal done ASAP!

December 2, 2011  08:33 AM ET

Now I remember why I didn't miss the NBA at all.

December 2, 2011  08:46 AM ET

I'll reserve my excitement when it happens. Until then it is just conjecture

December 2, 2011  08:47 AM ET

Knicks do not have the piece to make the deal beyond alot of expiring contracts. So get a third, a fourth and possibly a fifth team involved to get it done. Otherwise, go after in free agency

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December 2, 2011  08:58 AM ET

CP3 in NY, Howard in LA, interesting possible times ahead....

December 2, 2011  09:03 AM ET

Let him become a free agent and hope he doesn't beg to try sign and trade him so he could get his big fat contract. He loses a lot if he is a free agent. NY would be happy w/ this situation because they don't lose much and they sign him at a cheaper price

Agreed. Personally I am against this trade. CP3 just chill out this year and come next year so you can have some pieces to surround you. Now I know that will be leaving your ex team cold turkey but eh... if Demps is stubborn enough to call your trade demand a bluff then he deserves your cold exodus....

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December 2, 2011  09:09 AM ET

Paul has clearly been influenced by Anthony and Amare into demanding a move to NY. Can someone please explain to me how that is okay, but when the coach or GM etc. does it it's called tampering?

I wouldn't say CP3 was influenced. He's his own man and makes his own decision. How do you even stop something like that... it's like not being allowed to talk to your coworkers... it's just not unreal. On the other hand if these owners assemble winning rosters without taking shortcuts and milking these star players maybe they won't collude to form fun superteams...

December 2, 2011  09:16 AM ET

trade him to toronto or golden state. Or here is an idea honor your contract

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December 2, 2011  09:24 AM ET

Will make a fine asset to the Knicks. Give them anyone they want besides Melo and Amare


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