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Manny to be Manny ... in Baltimore?


08:10 AM ET 12.05 | Dan Duquette probably wasn't alone when he reportedly laughed as soon as the name Manny Ramirez was brought up to him Sunday night -- not long after reports that the player has applied for reinstatement. As the top executive in Boston, Duquette was the one who signed Ramirez to his massive deal when he was in his prime. So it was an obvious question to ask whether Duquette would have interest now in the 39-year-old slugger. Duquette really wouldn't say whether there is or isn't interest on the Orioles' end. ... "Manny is always interesting and he's never predictable, but I don't know too much about the mechanics of what we would have to do or if we could do it," Duquette said.

The Baltimore Sun

Manny Ramirez, Getty Images Manny Ramirez, Getty Images
December 5, 2011  08:29 AM ET

TB's one hit blunder!

December 5, 2011  08:32 AM ET

Geez, who wouldnt want a moody 39 year old steroid abuser with a sense of entitlement, no concept of defense, and awful looking dreds?

December 5, 2011  08:57 AM ET

Baltimore seems to be a landing spot for these type of guys. Vlad, Tejada. Duquette would certainly get him much cheaper than he got him in 2000.

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December 5, 2011  09:25 AM ET

TB's one hit blunder!

Yeah - that didn't work out so well, did it?

December 5, 2011  09:32 AM ET

They can't do that to the fans in Baltimore can they? On top of all the losing years they can't be serious about this.

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December 5, 2011  09:51 AM ET

Does he have legal trouble from "shrugging" his wife?

December 5, 2011  09:54 AM ET

Aparantly his suspension is down to 50 games for some reason.

December 5, 2011  09:55 AM ET

Aparantly his suspension is down to 50 games for some reason.

His agent negotiated with the commish due to his retirement last year.

December 5, 2011  10:09 AM ET

Selig should have told Manny's agent to take a hike. I can't believe they let him get away with only 50 games. The guy is a major T-U-R-D!!! Good luck to whatever idot GM decides to try and sign him! I'm sure we'll get the third positive test by mid-July and Manny will retire again.

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December 5, 2011  10:10 AM ET

So Baltimore needs a Sammy Slop?

December 5, 2011  10:23 AM ET

Why pay all those millions of dollars for for a player who's guaranteed to bring you pain? Just stab yourself in the face, all you've got there is the co-pay.

I highly doubt a team would have to give up much money to sign him. He'd probably get vet's minimum.

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December 5, 2011  10:33 AM ET

Whatever that is, it's a complete waste of money.

I agree with you. He became a waste of money the day he watched 3 fastballs from Mo go right down the middle without even lifting his bat off his shoulder.

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December 5, 2011  11:26 AM ET

Muck Fanny.

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December 5, 2011  11:30 AM ET

The man-child was handled as long as possible. But at some point, you have to cut your losses and cut him lose.

I blame Borass for manipulating him at the end of his Fenway contract. He wasn't going to get any money (because he was Manny's new agent) unless Manny changed teams. He egged on the misbehavior at the end. Without a cadre of friends to protect him from himself, his career was toast. It's much like what happened to Tyson when his trainer passed away. Very sad...


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