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Jurrjens, Prado available for the right deal


08:10 AM ET 12.06 | Atlanta may be the epicenter of what has, so far, been a modest hot-stove season. The Braves' duo of Jair Jurrjens and Martin Prado continue to be as sought after as any players on the slow-developing trade market. Sources say that 8-10 teams have shown real interest in Jurrjens, while "half the teams in baseball" have talked to the Braves about Prado, most with the idea of playing him at second base. The Braves continue to say that they don't need to move either player, and will only do so if the return helps make them more competitive in 2012 (as opposed to dealing for long-term prospects). The Braves have assured teams that Jurrjens is fully healthy, and that his velocity returned to the mid 90s.

Jair Jurrjens, Getty Images Jair Jurrjens, Getty Images
December 6, 2011  09:32 AM ET

Jurrjens would be a great pick up if he's healthy. But it's the "if" part that's going to scare off a lot of teams.

December 6, 2011  10:57 AM ET

The Braves are doomed to being "affordably" good under Frank Wren and his penny pinching overlords at Liberty Media. Prado is over-valued and is not much more than Omar Infante with a few more ABs.

Wren actually gave a quote to the AJC where he said he can't think of a single must going into spring training.

December 6, 2011  12:23 PM ET

....i understand that the rangers and braves are talking about sending hamilton to atlanta for 5 prospects.....

December 6, 2011  02:20 PM ET

i thought the angels need a third baseman? the braves do want to trade prado and this guy has the flexibility to play different spots if need it, the angels could ask for prado and jose contanza, in exchange for bourjos and luis jimenes the minor prospect!!

December 6, 2011  02:22 PM ET

or the angels could get jurjjens and prado for richards, bourjos and luis jimenes the minor prospect!!

December 6, 2011  02:24 PM ET

should the angels ask for brooks conrad , jose constanza, and prado ,for bourjos, richards and luis jimenes!!

December 6, 2011  02:26 PM ET

the trades are there the availability of players are there, we only need the williness from the halos to make them become reality!!

December 6, 2011  02:27 PM ET

the braves are deep in pitching and just about all of them are young product,

December 6, 2011  02:38 PM ET

....i understand that the rangers and braves are talking about sending hamilton to atlanta for 5 prospects.....

and why would the braves trade 5 prospects for hamilton? according to my knowledge hamilton will like to finish his career in texas!!

Comment #10 has been removed
December 6, 2011  03:27 PM ET

I assume the 5 prospect to TX reference was about the Teixiera deal.

December 6, 2011  03:59 PM ET

....i understand that the rangers and braves are talking about sending hamilton to atlanta for 5 prospects.....

Wow, hard hitting stuff right there.

December 6, 2011  05:17 PM ET

Alacran, What's up man?

what's up mick how are you? its everything good with you?

December 6, 2011  05:18 PM ET

if atlanta has said that jurjjens its healthy then there shouldn't be any problem at all!!

December 6, 2011  05:20 PM ET

the angels are a very hesitant team, they need a starter but they don't have the mobility financially,2 they refuse trade any of their prospects so i don't have any idea how could they get help in that area,

December 6, 2011  05:26 PM ET

i would like to sugest the angels, trade bourjos, and the two catchers wilson, conger, and luis jimenes their prospect in their minors, for jurrens, prado, and jose constanza, constanza has speed, and its a contact hitter sciocia could use him in the leadoff spot, i like the versatility of this player, prado could be use in the third base and in second base as well in the outfield, jurrjens can be the starter that the angels need in their rotation!!

December 6, 2011  05:28 PM ET

after they trade the two catchers, the angels could sign pudge rodriguez a one year deal he has a decent bat and carries plenty experience as a catcher!!

Comment #18 has been removed
December 6, 2011  05:33 PM ET

last year the braves have the best rotation, this year the braves still have very good rotation and one of the best bullpen i had seen in years, the braves problem itsn't in the braves roster its in their manager, this guy lacks in experience like crazy, and just because of that the team will continue falling apart in the last month of the season, everybody wonder why the marlins let him go? they didn't so good future in gonzalez as a manager!!

December 6, 2011  05:35 PM ET

Great man, just posting away waiting for Santa Claus to show up.

well good luck on that, you never know what the new year can bring to you!!


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