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Odom 'shocked,' 'weirded out' by nixed trade


08:07 AM ET 12.09 | The blockbuster deal that died Thursday night appears far from over among those who were to be sent packing. Lamar Odom is still a Laker, but he doesn't sound completely thrilled about it. Odom admitted that he was "shocked" and "surprised" when told Thursday afternoon that the Lakers agreed to trade him to the New Orleans Hornets as part of a deal for point guard Chris Paul. But this evening when he heard that the NBA had killed the trade, Odom said he was in "total disbelief" over these new developments. ... "I guess that means I'm a Laker if the trade didn't go through," a somber Odom said in a phone interview with The Times. "I don't know what to do for the Lakers. I'm even weirded out by the league doing what they did."

Los Angeles Times

Lamar Odom, Getty Images Lamar Odom, Getty Images
December 9, 2011  08:07 AM ET

Odom is going Kardashian on us.

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December 9, 2011  08:27 AM ET

Looking back now, you should have come back to the Heat when you had a chance. Some must for your loyalty to the Lakers.

December 9, 2011  08:28 AM ET

"So" not Some" sorry. Still early, need COFFEE.

December 9, 2011  08:33 AM ET

Odom is such a Big Baby.

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December 9, 2011  08:43 AM ET

Say what you want but honestly this nixed trade just F ed up Laker chemistry.......

December 9, 2011  08:43 AM ET

Say what you will but the nixed trade just F up Laker chemistry.......

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December 9, 2011  08:55 AM ET

Its crazy how people getting on Lamar when all he did was voice his opinion about something that happened to him...Im sure when everyone heard the news they had something to say but then Odom says something and he is a cry baby? Really? I would be upset if I got traded only to find out I have to go back to the team that traded me. He never said he was going to act up or say F the Lakers. He just sounds confused about what took place.

December 9, 2011  09:17 AM ET

This is the hard part of the business of professional basketball. A lot of egos were hurt with this proposed trade; not only were Odom and Gasol's feeling hurt but all the players involved; from Houston and New Orleans. I can understand Odoms feeling; he would of had to leave LA; so this interferes with everything in his personal life. But wasn't it just a year ago that Odom held out for more money when he was a free agent and was flirting with Miami, and maybe this was the reason why Areaza was left out in the cold only to have Artest swoop down and grab up what was on the table making Areza available to Houston.

The big issue here is the league stopped this trade from happening. I don't understand how the league allowed the Hornets GM to operate for weeks seeking trade offers for Paul and finally agreeing on a trade with two other teams and when it was finally said and done now you step in and null the deal. No one want the Lakers to prosper it appears, which lead to this question, if you find a trade partner and they are willing to accept the deal; should that deal not happen? should the Lakers have just as much right to improve or change their team even under the new bargain agreement? What this really look like is an attempt to make sure that the Lakers don't maximize their team and succeed under the new collective bargaining deal.

Houston would have been the team that lose the most. They were giving up too much for Gasol. While the Lakers received Paul and possibly Okafa, New Orleans receiving Odom, Scola, Martin and a draft pick from Houston; which would have been a high pick or lotto pick; would have definitely make New Orleans stronger.

I understand the hurt feelings and crushed egos involved, but now since this deal is for the moment dead, those players identified in the trade will have to get over it and realize its business and when the business effect them you role with the punches. There will be some unfavorable times, at the end of the day its more important to count the money; isn't it?

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December 9, 2011  09:54 AM ET

The NBA is a collective mess.

December 9, 2011  10:00 AM ET

The players have to dance to the Owners' least the pay in the NBA is better than being behind the counter at the Golden Arches.

December 9, 2011  10:01 AM ET

Imagine being the GM in New Orleans. You work out a deal to get something for a star who has told you he is leaving rather than go the cleveland route he decided - smartly i might add to go the Utah way. Now what is he supposed to do. Nothing? trade for Rondo and picks? I can't image having your boss be 29 owners who really do not care about the team you are managing....

December 9, 2011  10:01 AM ET

Your a player lamar, an older, non superstar player (a good one)You go where you're told, its a business

I agree, but "where is he being told to go"? I think all the players involved should file a law suit, if that's possible, against the NBA!!! I still don't understand why the NBA nixed the trade, but you can beat your A-Z-Z, that Mark Cuban was involved!!!

December 9, 2011  10:04 AM ET

He never said he was going to act up or say F the Lakers. He just sounds confused about what took place.

I think most of us are, "confused about what took place"!!!!!!!!!!!


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