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Cuddyer more valuable than Morneau?


09:17 AM ET 12.10 | It's still not clear whether Michael Cuddyer will be back with the Twins. But the free-agent outfielder might be more valuable to the Twins than Joe Mauer or Justin Morneau, Joe Nathan said. "Everyone always talks about the Mauers and the Morneaus, but Cuddy's as important, if not more, and I think last year showed how he probably is a little more important to that club," said Nathan, the Twins' career saves leader who last month signed a free-agent deal with the Texas Rangers. "(It's) just with his versatility," Nathan said. "He plays every day. You won't hear anything (from him) if he's banged up - he goes out and plays the game. If he's not in the lineup, something's got to be keeping him from going out there - it's not going to be because he needs rest or anything like that. "I've always said, he's a baseball player, and it doesn't matter where he's out there, what position he's playing. He just wants to play the game."

St. Paul Pioneer Press

Michael Cuddyer, Icon SMI Michael Cuddyer, Icon SMI
December 10, 2011  09:32 AM ET

The Guy can play just about every position on the field (even pitched last year)...

And he can hit some...

Surprised someone didn't jump when the Free Agency bell rang.

December 10, 2011  09:38 AM ET

The Guy can play just about every position on the field (even pitched last year)...And he can hit some...Surprised someone didn't jump when the Free Agency bell rang.

Agree. He is probably asking for 3 years at decent money. He made $10.5 million last year. His price tag may be more than most teams will be willing to pay, especially considering that his numbers are good, but they don't blow you away. Also, he is 32.

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December 10, 2011  10:11 AM ET

I wish the Cardinals would take a good look at him

December 10, 2011  10:41 AM ET

I really hope the Twins find a way to keep Cuddy.

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December 10, 2011  11:32 AM ET

Cuddyer am the Cookie Rojas of Minnesota.

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December 10, 2011  12:36 PM ET

morneau has plenty injuries last year, mauer couldn't stay healthy in the whole year, cuddyer its trying to stirr a deal to his advantage, but do the twins got what it takes to keep cuddyer>??

December 10, 2011  12:39 PM ET

the risk when you sign long terms its greated than anybody would expect, but even with all those deals backfiring every team they can't stop aiming at long terms!!

December 10, 2011  12:40 PM ET

Chicago Cubs need a third baseman.

martin prado would be the right move for the cubs at third!!

December 10, 2011  12:42 PM ET

could it be that the braves are asking higher demand for prado, and jurrjens?

December 10, 2011  12:44 PM ET

because ever since the braves brought up that offer no team has being able to lureout prado and jurrjens from the braves roster!!

December 10, 2011  12:45 PM ET

the braves are in need of a short stop, gonzalez has gone!!

December 10, 2011  12:46 PM ET

the angels still need to add more relievers in their bullpen!!

December 10, 2011  12:47 PM ET

at thirdbase its a most for the halos, callaspo still a lowly R,B,I, producer,prado could be the player that the halos had have being missin!!

December 10, 2011  12:51 PM ET

the braves are in need of a short stop, gonzalez has gone!!

the braves need a short stop, the angels need a thid baseman, should the angels and braves pull a trade for callaspo and prado?? could the braves trade error- prone brooks conrad to the angels for a couple minor leaguers?

December 10, 2011  12:54 PM ET

honestly i would like to add jose constanza and conrad to angels roster, i like the versatility and flexibility from this two players, plus they allways had find a way to spark a rally in every other game especially if the team its down by 3 or 4 runs in the nine inning!!


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