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Red Sox to try Bard as starter


08:48 AM ET 12.11 | Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine said yesterday that Daniel Bard, who projected to be the team???s closer after the departure of Jonathan Papelbon to the Phillies, would likely be prepped as a starter during spring training. Valentine said Bard seemed receptive to the idea, but the manager left open the possibility of utilizing him as the closer.

Boston Globe

Daniel Bard, Icon SMI Daniel Bard, Icon SMI
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December 11, 2011  09:20 AM ET


Only if he gains 100 lbs.

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December 11, 2011  10:14 AM ET

BoSox will still need 2 more arms in their rotation. And WHO'S GONNA CLOSE? Valentine didnt make a move during winter meetings, and now some of the best closers on the market are gone. KRod a possibility?

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December 11, 2011  10:52 AM ET

Warning Sox fans... Bobby does like to think too much.

December 11, 2011  11:47 AM ET

well now the red sox have a handfull of players, what to do with relivers? make them a starters? and would the red sox do that i mean do they are that much desperate for starters? i would could this measure as the last resort!!!

December 11, 2011  11:54 AM ET

i would use this method as the last resort, but to shiped a reliever to a starter spot will take time, now there had being relievers that had being able to take the change without any problem so maybe this idea will work for boston, now boston hasn't sign any pitcher as of today they need starters it not matter if its Oswalt, or capuano, or any body else but yes the red sox do need more pitching in their rotation!!

December 11, 2011  12:57 PM ET

Warning Sox fans... Bobby does like to think too much. out loud.

December 11, 2011  02:48 PM ET

Remember when they kept threatening to make Paplebon a starter? I think need will dictate where Bard ends up. His upside as a closer seems a lot higher though if he can gain better control of his location.

December 11, 2011  04:20 PM ET


the more you pitch the better you could get your location controlled, once you play more innings
that would play great role in how being pitching every 5 days!!

December 11, 2011  04:26 PM ET

on bard, the only way the red sox would be able to find out if he really has the capability's to pitch for 5 or six innings every 5 days, its by place him in the rotation, can he be able to pitch every 5 days?the red sox will find out in the first two months in spring trainning!!

December 11, 2011  04:32 PM ET

some pitchers tend to wait too long to make the next pitch, other pitchers like to pitch in the fast phase, the batter has to do whatever its needed to break the pitcher concentration,!!

December 11, 2011  04:37 PM ET

when the hitter has to break the pitcher concentration, could it work for his good or for his worse, but every hitter should have a back up plan, the game plan its important, the hitter has to have the ability to be able to adjust at any type of pitching style, the hitters and the pitcher should know what its best to apply, the best approach its not to allowed either one to get too confortable, and either one should do their best to break their concentration!!

December 11, 2011  05:49 PM ET

Pump up that post count, player.

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December 12, 2011  12:00 AM ET

Boston will need 0 more arms after Bard or Aceves start, as they just put Miller back in the starting rotation, whom I think has a lot of potential. Jinks of course will be the closer after he recovers from surgery. And then, everyone forgets, the mighty Dice-K will return, in all seriousness.

Miller? Man I appreciate your optimism and nobody is a bigger Sox fan than me...but Miller is a pooch. He's got more mechanical issues than a Yugo...The team needs bullpen help, period. They need a closer. A solid closer is a must to win....

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December 12, 2011  08:15 AM ET

Forget about the Sox spending a lot of money this year. Management's goal (Henry, his partners, Luccinno) is to avoid the huge hit of the luxury tax if their payroll reaches 178 million this year. They shed some with the loss of the mighty John David Drew and the apparent losses of Veritek and Wakefield, but several players are due for big pay jumps - Gonzo being one of them. Also. I think Henry is tired, and this is thanks to "the Genius" Theo Epstein who has left the Sox in a mess, of seeing his money wasted on under performing players or paying players on other teams because the Sox had to dump them.

I am sorry to say this fellow members of Red Sox World but I fear we're in for a lean year or two. GO SOX!


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