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Howard says Magic ignored him, Smith disagrees


08:08 AM ET 12.12 | If the Magic and Dwight Howard are headed for a breakup, it appears more likely by the day that it will be less than amicable. The All-NBA center said that he would not be asking the team to trade him if Magic management, including General Manager Otis Smith, had done more to obtain the players Howard had asked them to acquire. "I've talked to a lot of guys and they've expressed a lot of interest and would come here," Howard said. "And I've expressed that to the correct people, and none of it's happened." Offered the chance to respond, Smith countered that he has consulted with Howard on most, if not all, moves made in recent years. Smith also said that he did acquire some of the players Howard had suggested.

Orlando Sentinel

Dwight Howard, Getty Images Dwight Howard, Getty Images
December 12, 2011  08:17 AM ET

I think the aqusition of Arenas, and bringing Turk back put the nail in the coffin for Orlando. It all began with them giving Rashard Lewis that money.

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December 12, 2011  08:28 AM ET

No surprise Howard is leaving. At the end of the day the Magic FO made bad moves and did not gave him a opportunity to contend again.
I hope he can end up in LA.

December 12, 2011  08:30 AM ET

I find it hard to believe Howard was not asked about the various trades. The NBA is a star based league and I'm sure the Magic management got his input!

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December 12, 2011  08:38 AM ET

the Magic got into the Final 2 years ago was because J.Nelson got injured. They should have traded Nelson for a pure PG. Traded Lewis was a right move, but not for Arenas, because Arenas is almost the same type as Nelson. They needed someone like Rondo, and then build the team with shooters around those 2(J-Rich, Hamilton, etc)

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December 12, 2011  08:59 AM ET

Howard:" I want Rip Hamilton"
Smith: "We'll resign J.J. Reddick"
Howard:" I want Carlos Booser."
Smith:"Ryan Anderson can make do"
Howard: I want Chris Paul."
Smith: Jameer Nelson is THE MAN. Take it easy big fella.
Howard" I want to be traded"
Smith: What you taking bout Dwight?!"

December 12, 2011  09:02 AM ET

The Orlando management is partly to blame, but everyone seems to be piling it on as if that's the only factor. Orlando did try to get him good teammates, and he did have some good guys. I feel that Orlando and Phoenix have both made the same mistakes - they have tried *too hard* and tampered with their best lineup, constantly trading new players in and out. In the end, they lost chemistry and ended up declining the past couple years instead of maintaining their success. Instead of constantly second-guessing themselves, they should have made minor tweaks once they found out what worked to get them deep in the Playoffs.In the end, Howard simply wants to try new waters and a change of scene. The management is not entirely to blame.It is what it is, and that's it.

Offense sells tickets but defense wins championships. The Mavs made their push when they got guys that could "d-up" like Chandler and Marion and got away from so much finess. The magic need a wing and a back up to Howard that can defend.

December 12, 2011  09:02 AM ET

Orlando tried to bring in good support but kind of failed with paying the wrong people like Cleveland did ...than they got stuck in a hole paying aging veterans trying to get back

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December 12, 2011  09:20 AM ET

+1I mean really, do you think dwight said 'find a way to get gilbert'?Its the same with lbj....You thinl he said 'get me jamario moon 'Please...manageme t made silly moves and its costing them now

I understand your point. But Dwight has to realize that it's a business and he's no GM. In other words players can't always have what they want. It's give and take. There's no question Orlando has spent to get players allbeit foolishly.

There's no question Orlando wants him to stay. It's up to him to decide if personal differences is enough to drive him away or if he's man enough to work with their current core. Things will only get better in Orlando especially if he stays. He's being a cry baby at this point and I'm sick of it.

However if he's coming to the Knicks then I take back everything I wrote. I don't mean it...

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December 12, 2011  09:26 AM ET

I now have a new found respect for Howard.

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