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Knicks take championship aspirations public


08:22 AM ET 12.23 | Mike D???Antoni opened season on the NBA last week with his comment that, in his estimation, the Knicks have the ablilty to "win it all." The Knicks organization usually frowns upon such talk from its players and coaches. Madison Square Garden chairman James Dolan has always felt that the less said the better. ... But for the first time in more than a decade, the Knicks have the talent and belief that they belong with the elite in the conference. "Our goals are higher," [Amar'e Stoudemire] said. "Last year the goal was to make the postseason and we accomplished that. This year (the goal) is to ultimately win a championship. We are taking this season very seriously."

New York Daily News

Amar'e Stoudemire, Getty Images Amar'e Stoudemire, Getty Images
December 23, 2011  08:33 AM ET

Im sure Suns fans could tell you they heard they same speech for about 3 years....

December 23, 2011  08:37 AM ET

Im with Mike all they way on this.. Mike get the team to play some D and we will have a shot! Go Knicks!

December 23, 2011  08:40 AM ET

The Knick fans are going love this one today! meatplow, gmail ,JGB and others... Boozer still rocks ;)

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December 23, 2011  08:43 AM ET

This is my prediction for the Knicks this season. I think they are the 4 seed if they are healthy. I think the regular season standing in the east will be 1) Chicago 2) Miami 3) Boston 4) NY 5) Atlanta 6) Indiana 7) Phillly 8) Milwaukee.

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December 23, 2011  08:55 AM ET

LOL...morning gotta believe......PS I read that Boozer got hurt sleeping last night...out 6-8 weeks


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December 23, 2011  08:59 AM ET

The other night they all were playing D....I had to rub my eyes when Melo gave defensive effort...Tyson's personality is rubbing off, and Mike Woodson s coaching is helpingThey held NJ to basically 79 points ( the nets hit an uncontested 3 at the buzzer ) , while the Knicks shot 33% and still won.......that was a defensive win.....I know its the Nets and its preseason, but I like what I have seen .....the real test is Boston on xmas

Wait Wait Wait....Did you just say the New Jersey Nets?

December 23, 2011  09:00 AM ET

LOL...morning gotta believe......PS I read that Boozer got hurt sleeping last night...out 6-8 weeks

Good morning to you as well... and he was sleep walking, more dangerous than you might think.

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December 23, 2011  09:05 AM ET

Cant help who is on the schedule

i know what you are saying and you even said it was preseason....

But if we went by anything in the preseason then the Mavs defense is even better now then before Chandler left/...I mean they held the high scoring OKC Thunder to 87 points....An d the thunder have a little more firepower than the nets...

But i think chandler will help for sure bc you guys have a cardboard cut out of Ewing in the middle last year...

December 23, 2011  09:06 AM ET

I agree....but I would not be shocked if we flip flopped with Boston either

I agree....I think the Celtics could careless about which seed they are and are all about making the playoffs....Same as with a lot of the older teams in the league Spurs, Mavs, Lakers....

December 23, 2011  09:09 AM ET

Yea this is funny. So when A'mare breaks down in the compressed schedule and Carmelo pulls his routine of playing 1 on 5, lets revisit this discussion.

December 23, 2011  09:13 AM ET

I agree....but I would not be shocked if we flip flopped with Boston either

Sure, they could especially with a compressed season because of Boston's age. But that also concerns me about NY because there bench is thin. But we are about to find out...two more days!

December 23, 2011  09:18 AM ET

there's no way Boston finishes ahead of NY this year. this has nothing to do with me being a Knick fan. our Big 3 is better than Boston's Big 3. the other pieces we have stack up well to what Boston has. i think Boston is starting Jermaine ONeil at center. yes, that Jermaine ONeil. we have a center who'll compete with Dwight Howard for Defender of the Year award. if time wasn't a factor in winning then the 90's Bulls would still be playing today winning championships. but unfortunately Father Time's wee wee don't taste good when he rams it down your throat. it happens to everyone.

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December 23, 2011  09:22 AM ET

Yea, but I dont think it will be b/c of the celtics indifference, but rather just old age diminishing skills and athleticism

and i think they will rest some of their "big 3" but i dont think they are a better team at all than in years past...Beyond PP they dont really have a lot of scoring..

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