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Manning to Jets? Rex says no


08:03 AM ET 12.27 | While it's almost too delicious to imagine the brothers Manning battling for the hearts and minds of New Yorkers, Rex Ryan put the idea to rest Monday. One change the Jets will not make, at least according to [Ryan], is looking to bring in Peyton Manning -- if the Colts superstar were made available. Ryan expressed confidence in quarterback Mark Sanchez [Monday], but he took it to a different level in a radio interview. "I've said from Day One I thought he was the best quarterback in the National Football League, I even put him over Tom Brady, so of course I recognize Peyton Manning is an unbelievable quarterback," Ryan said on ESPN 1050 Radio. ... "But do I think it's even a consideration for us? No, I don't."

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Peyton Manning, Getty Images Peyton Manning, Getty Images
December 27, 2011  08:16 AM ET

You cannot believe anything that comes out of this Toilet Mouth Ryan--- his mouth looks like a Ferguson Toilet open and waiting for business.....

Just like his idiot father... big mouth, no production. What a family of LOSERS....

December 27, 2011  08:18 AM ET

The good thing about this story... T&R didn't use Rex Ryan's picture.

December 27, 2011  08:40 AM ET

There's no way the Jest don't take a hard look at Manning if he becomes available. They probably don't have the cap room, but they'd be crazy not to look into the opportunity.

December 27, 2011  08:41 AM ET

Manning's not going anywhere. This story is a waste of space.

December 27, 2011  08:41 AM ET

Manning's not going anywhere.

December 27, 2011  08:48 AM ET

Manning's not going anywhere.

If he can come back healthy enough to play, I completely agree. I see him as a Colt or a retiree.

December 27, 2011  08:51 AM ET

At least Rex is being realistic about this...

December 27, 2011  09:00 AM ET

Manning's not going anywhere. This story is a waste of space.

I agree, I expect him back in a Colts uniform.... especially since the Colts very well may not get the top pick in next years draft which would mean no Luck. I highly doubt the Colts are enamored enough with Orlovsky to trade Manning.

December 27, 2011  09:38 AM ET

Ever since I knew what a football was, I've been a N.Y. Jets and a New Orleans Saints fan. I have to admit that even I am tired of hearing Rex. Talking your team up is one thing. The constant bluster and underwhelming results is a whole other deal. As the saying goes... "Put up or shut up". Rex needs to contemplate the latter.

Now... Reality check. As has been said... "Manning isn't going anywhere" and even if he was, I doubt he'd want to play for Rex Ryan. In my mind, even suggesting it as a possibility is pointless and kind of silly.

December 27, 2011  09:40 AM ET

Manning's not leaving IND -- he'll retire first. The only way IND doesn't get the #1 pick next year is if they JAG and STL loses. If they both lose (or both win), IND has the tiebreaker (SoS).

December 27, 2011  09:52 AM ET

Especially since the Colts very well may not get the top pick in next years draft which would mean no Luck.

Indy would be dumb enough to win this Sunday

December 27, 2011  10:10 AM ET

Indy would be dumb enough to win this Sunday

Exactly... winning this Sunday would be the moral equivalent of playing Peyton in the 15th + 16th games of the season a couple of years ago...ooh... wait...

December 27, 2011  10:10 AM ET

What is the matter with Sanchez? by the way, good win for the G-Men. Man Jacobs trucked dude out way forreal!

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December 27, 2011  10:13 AM ET

Manning isn't leaving but Fat Rex would jump all over the chance to get Manning for one year.

Comment #16 has been removed
December 27, 2011  10:22 AM ET

He wouldn't want him, because Manning has more pull than he and his mouth.

December 27, 2011  10:27 AM ET

Rex Ryan is a complete tool. Of course he'd want to have Manning over a Dirty Sanchez.

Comment #19 has been removed
December 27, 2011  10:34 AM ET

NOT POSSIBLE! The Jets had to cut to get under this years cap.
Next year the cap will be around $120 million. As of TODAY the Jets have $118 million dedicated to contracts next year.
Soooooo, they would have to make some serious cuts to sign any high paid player. Period. Anybody. And yes, $8,5000,000 is to go for Sanchez. Even if you cut him, took the dead cap hit, there still is no money for a guy like Peyton. Not even close.


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