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Phoenix sees Redd as potential addition


08:16 AM ET 12.29 | The offensively challenged and 0-2 Phoenix Suns sure could use a player like Michael Redd -- who just happens to be available. [Redd], who has a scary knee history, worked out for the Suns at US Airways Center on Tuesday, and the Suns are expected to sign the 32-year-old Thursday to address their need for scoring and shooting. Redd likely would not play immediately as he learns the Suns' system and works into playing shape. Redd worked out for the Suns along with free agent NBA veteran Ime Udoka and free agent Gilbert Brown, but Redd appears to have the primary interest. The Suns also had Redd's left knee examined because he has played only 61 games over the past three seasons due to two surgeries.

The Arizona Republic

Steve Nash, Getty Images Steve Nash, Getty Images
December 29, 2011  08:21 AM ET

Bring him in... the way the season is shaping up it will be the guys with the gimpy knees and bench riders that will turn out to be the stars this year

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December 29, 2011  08:38 AM ET

phoenix is a nice place for gimpy knees just ask shaq on his years there, doctors there work wonders on their knees like they got pacemaker attached to their knees, once out they gonna switch it off as a result shaq got retired in no time.

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December 29, 2011  08:59 AM ET

The suns suck. They need alot more than Redd. Time to gut the place

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December 29, 2011  10:20 AM ET

Trade Nash To LA, Bros.

December 29, 2011  10:47 AM ET

They would be better off with Sonny Redd from Donnie Brasco, his knees are probably in better shape

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December 29, 2011  11:17 AM ET

Pheonix had the team before Gasol arrived in LA. The window have closed on the Suns, they went from being a top contender to a team striving to compete. When you look at the Suns a lot of the familiar faces are gone (Diaw, Stoudamire, Bell, Brazilian Blurr), the team have tried (Shaq, Vince Carter, Grant Hill, Lopez, Frye, Richardson, Turkalouge), the only constant remaining is Steve Nash and father time has caught him. Also, remember Robert Horry's hip check on Nash that caused a suspension of two of Pheonix core guys, that hurt, San Antonio went on to win the title.

So where do the Suns go from here? Rebuild! Give up the though that it will return to the post Gasol days, it won't happen.

December 29, 2011  12:25 PM ET

they looked like one of the worst teams in the league last night.

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December 30, 2011  12:16 AM ET

Whut? Shannon Brown isn't working for you Suns?


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