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Braves still eyeing Rockies' Smith


08:29 AM ET 01.03 | As of Tuesday morning, Martin Prado remains a member of the Braves. [Still,] the unsinkable Seth Smith trade possibility, the rumor that refuses to die, is indeed still alive. The Braves would still like to get the corner outfielder from Colorado, but the Rockies are going to have to include at least a good center-field prospect (Tim Wheeler is one they like) along with Smith in any package for Martin Prado, and probably at least two or three prospects with Smith in a deal for Jurrjens. In addition to his .287 average, .347 OBP, 56 extra-base hits and 15 home runs in 2011, another point the Braves like about Smith is that he's first-time arbitration-eligible and will make below $3 million in 2012.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Martin Prado, Icon Sports Martin Prado, Icon Sports
January 3, 2012  08:51 AM ET

Who cares about baseball? Too many damn games played anyway!

January 3, 2012  10:22 AM ET

Who cares about baseball? Too many damn games played anyway!

ADD, eh.........

January 3, 2012  11:02 AM ET

Who cares about baseball? Too many damn games played anyway!

A lot of people care. Those who care to know the ins and outs and the beauty of the game. Just because you don't like it or care about it doesn't mean your opinion has any value.

January 3, 2012  12:38 PM ET

still don't really like this pending move based upon the fact that Wren and Gonzalez keep talking about how any OF they get is going to 'platoon with Diaz in LF'. platoon? with Diaz? that is NOT solving the OF problem...that's like putting a band-aid on a sucking chest wound.

January 3, 2012  12:45 PM ET

i don't understand this franchise, why the braves want to trade prado and get a mediocre outfielder? seth smith its more like a utility player nothing else, it seems as if the braves are mad at prado for some reason, the money that prado its making its too much for the braves to pay??
to me its more about something that prado complained in the past, because honestly the player has better creativity than the lowely seth smith himself!!!

January 3, 2012  12:56 PM ET

martin prado has the versatility to play in different spots, plus he its a player who most of the times put the ball in outfield, groundrule doubles and singles, he has the capability to hit hgomeruns from time to time, plus he doesn't strikeout alot like other players do, the braves still thinking that they really need another outfielder? about diaz? about jose constanza? i mean constanza can hit more doubles and singles than diaz and seth smith, plus they have heyward, now heyward has to stop trying to do too much, if the player its injuried then he needs to stop playing untill he really its 100% healthy no player can perform better when they are injuried, if jurrjens inssisted to pl;ay injuried then he wouldn't be able to pitch well at all, if heyward inssisted to play with a injuried legs or arms, then he will remain ranked as a lowly hitter because the injuries can't allow you to play in to full extencion!!

January 3, 2012  01:03 PM ET

the only answer to my question would be, the braves have more talented players in their minor system and they are ready to jump to the majors, this could be the only reason that the braves would like to give away martin prado, coco crisp its available, willingham was available and he was a very cheap player, he did sign with the twins for the lowly amount of 3 years 21 millions deal, the braves aren't intersted in any free agent, why? because they do not need them,money shouldn't be the problem in atlanta the franchise has enough money to sign better outfielders!!

January 3, 2012  01:07 PM ET

manny ramires would be available by may or july, but do not expect him to carry your team, and to be honest with you the player would be able to play on a pinch hitter role and nothing else!!

January 3, 2012  01:09 PM ET

wonder why the braves didn't trade prado to the nationals? now i know they are in the same division but this shouldn't stop them from trading prado within their own division!!

January 3, 2012  01:12 PM ET

if the braves are looking for more prospects the nationals have them, if the braves are looking for better pitchers propects?? the rays has them, but the rays wouldn't trade any propects to any team just because they have enough talent!!

January 3, 2012  01:15 PM ET

i like the rays approach, this franchise has being able to keep a very good productive team in their toughest division as its the east, plus they have the luck to develope better hitters, and pitchers, just about every year!!!

January 3, 2012  01:31 PM ET

the braves should keep prado, and jurrjens, both players could be vey good productive players, jurrjens can have great season in 2012, prado would be able to prove the braves wrong if they do trade him, but if the braves keep him he would be able to do what he knows best,sometimes the franchise gets too confuse, when the team has too many hitters, or too many pitchers, the franchise tends to trade them away for no reason, should the braves keep jurrjens and prado in their roster?? they could be a very usefull players in the long run!!!!

January 3, 2012  01:33 PM ET

Who cares about baseball? Too many damn games played anyway!

if you don't know the beauty of the baseball sport then you don't know anything about sports plain and simple!!!

January 3, 2012  02:49 PM ET

if you don't know the beauty of the baseball sport then you don't know anything about sports plain and simple!!!

Well said amigo. I like being able to get home everyday and watch a game.

January 3, 2012  02:53 PM ET

I'm with Alacran (I think) on this one.

January 3, 2012  05:50 PM ET

This has to be about money - no way the Braves should want to deal prado for smith unless they think they are getting a prospect who is a lock for stardom. (which the above name is not)

Alacran - as usual i agree with your thoughts - but man take a breather after a post or two hard to keep up with you

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January 4, 2012  01:34 AM ET

Martin Prado put himself in this situation of being trade bait by having an All-Star year in 2010 only to back it up with a dud of a season in 2011. Yes. He is valuable to the Braves, but only at 2009 & 2010 numbers especially when his pay is about to double. Economics and value alacran...Liberty Media does not care about this team, only its profits rising.

January 4, 2012  02:37 PM ET

I say trade him!!!


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