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Napoli: Rangers tops in AL West


08:20 AM ET 01.04 | Recent history has provided more than a little evidence that the Angels and Rangers were already rivals. But this winter certainly has upped the ante. Left out of the post-season party in consecutive falls for the first time since Arte Moreno took over as owner, the Angels committed over $330 million in the span of 48 hours last month, signing free agents Albert Pujols, C.J. Wilson and LaTroy Hawkins. "They are definitely making moves," Texas' Mike Napoli said to of his former team. "It goes to show you the type of team we have that other teams have to make some moves and try to stay with us. I'm still confident we have the best team in the division, and we hold the division title. That has to be taken away from us."

The Orange County Register

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January 4, 2012  09:49 AM ET

Napoli is being vocal about his former team. Wonder if he really meant "We are shaking in our boots"?

January 4, 2012  10:30 AM ET

Napoli is being vocal about his former team. Wonder if he really meant "We are shaking in our boots"?

.....not a chance...but if i am the angels and dont get it done this year, then i would be doing more than shakin in my boots....rangers are still the team to beat in the american league....and are not yet done with improvements....

January 4, 2012  12:19 PM ET

what napoli has to do now, its to workout a 5 years/ 125 millions deal with the rangers, if he its able to get that type of a contract then i will believe that the rangers really care for napoli, but if the team refuse to give him that type of a deal then napoli would have being left in the hole, just saying!!!

January 4, 2012  12:20 PM ET

napoli to the rangers, show me the money if you really love me in texas!!!!

January 4, 2012  02:01 PM ET

the rangers should lock napoli to a long term deal, a 5 to 6 years deal would be just fine!!

January 4, 2012  05:23 PM ET

the rangers have already one of the toughest lineup, but if they could add fielder this franchise would be hard to be nocked out of any division,the angels should have to add some more offense in their lineup, would the angels try to trade for the rays third baseman longorian? that should be great news for the halos knowing the way this angels team strugle to drive runs across the home plate!!!

January 4, 2012  05:30 PM ET

the rangers could be very difficult to any team with such tough rotation, darvish should sign with texas at least 5 years 60 millions deal its that price too high for this team? i would said the price its fair but at the same time too little for the oriental pitcher,if what the imformation about this pitcher its accurate then darvish should get at least 80 millions per the 5 years range!!

January 4, 2012  05:53 PM ET

the nationals may be able to pull the right trigger with the signning of fielder, even if this deal itsn't completely done but who knows what could happen in reality? just with the thought anything could happen, in this team you could add harper, strasburg, gio gonzalez zimmerman, ramos, espinoza, and their current first baseman atside from laroche, but fielder could make the difference in the whole franchise in washington!!

January 4, 2012  07:07 PM ET

morse should be moved to the OF that's if the nationals do sign fielder, we still have wait and if fielder takes the nationals offer into consideration!!!

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January 4, 2012  10:44 PM ET

Both these teams will make the post-season. All depends on which team is healthier come playoff time.


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