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Gordon waiting on offer from ... Stern


08:08 AM ET 01.24 | The complicated tangled that is the NBA-New Orleans relationship developed another layer on Monday. [Hornets] guard Eric Gordon said he is waiting to learn whether NBA commissioner David Stern will grant him a contract extension before Wednesday's deadline. Gordon's agent, Rob Pelinka, has engaged in recent contract talks with the Hornets' front office, but hasn't received an official offer. Gordon told Yahoo! Sports on Monday night he was informed by Hornets general manager Dell Demps that Stern must decide whether to extend an offer. The NBA owns the Hornets. Gordon wants to re-sign with New Orleans, but is uncertain if or when Stern will reach out to him or Pelinka.

Yahoo! Sports

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January 24, 2012  09:44 AM ET


January 24, 2012  09:46 AM ET

I'd sign him to an extension -- key question is how much ? Would $10M / year do it ?? (I bet he wants more.)

January 24, 2012  09:56 AM ET

Just Get Healthy, Bro.

January 24, 2012  10:23 AM ET

He does realize he'll be traded once the new ownership arrives, doesn't he?

January 24, 2012  10:48 AM ET

Agreed jgb. I really don't understand why he is pushing for the extension in the first place. The best way for him and the Hornets is to let him go free, and see what offers he gets back.

I actually hope this kid ends up with the Pacers somehow. He would be a good fit with that young bunch up there in Indy.

January 24, 2012  11:37 AM ET

He does realize he'll be traded once the new ownership arrives, doesn't he?

The League's ownership role has always been dubious, but since the trade nullification it's much worse. Eric Gordon could be a legit starter on a legit team. Why would it be automatic that he would be traded once the new ownership is in place?

January 24, 2012  11:57 AM ET

I don't really like the direction this "NBA" ownership is's a slippery slope. Especially after the whole CP3 trade fiasco. The NBA is fine as an owner for now but to be so deeply involved in the GM side of stuff and with the ability it seems to decide a trades legitimacy?? I don't really know what Stern is thinking. He should of just handed the reigns to the Hornets GM and stepped back.

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January 24, 2012  12:42 PM ET

don't worrry bout it if he doesn't, the Lakers could use him! LOL

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January 24, 2012  01:27 PM ET

Wow, Gordon is in a bad situation. You're not getting your extension especially w/ so many injuries.

After forcing the Clippers to give up Gordon instead of Bledsoe, and then pointing to Gordon as the big difference between the Clippers and Lakers offers, it's going to be hard for Stern and the Hornets not to re-sign Gordon. It's gonna add more fuel to the conspiracy theories if they let Gordon go RFA. The public already believes the trade was rigged as it is,.

January 24, 2012  02:39 PM ET

What happens to players' contracts if a team is contracted? They can sign him to whatever he wants, the team will be non-existent in a year or two.

January 24, 2012  03:38 PM ET

Because the Hornets is the only team that can give him max contract. Others can't give that to him through free agency...

True. I did happen to overlook that simple fact.

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