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Fielder vs. Pujols: Who got better contract?


09:45 AM ET 01.28 | Details of the nine-year, $214 million contract Prince Fielder signed with the Detroit Tigers have come out and it's interesting to compare them to the complex 10-year, $246 million (or more) contract another free-agent first baseman signed when he jumped from the National League to the American League. Fielder will make almost twice as much as Albert Pujols next year -- $23 million to $12 million -- and will make more than Pujols each of the next three seasons before Pujols' backloaded contract catches up with Fielder. Starting in 2016, Pujols will start making more annually than Fielder whose contract locks in a salary of $24 million each of the last seven seasons.

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Albert Pujols, Icon SMI Albert Pujols, Icon SMI
January 28, 2012  09:47 AM ET


January 28, 2012  09:49 AM ET

It's pretty much the same. Just who gets more money up front and who gets more in the last years. The real could be difference is who hits their incentives and that is what incentives are there for.

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January 28, 2012  10:22 AM ET

Does anybody really Care, other than the Agents?

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January 28, 2012  11:13 AM ET

I think the Cubs, Pirates, Astros and Reds made out best...we don't have to face either of these guys 18 games a year

January 28, 2012  11:16 AM ET

I think the Cubs, Pirates, Astros and Reds made out best...we don't have to face either of these guys 18 games a year

The Astros are moving to the AL West next year and get to face Pujols again.

January 28, 2012  11:20 AM ET

The TIGERS did.

January 28, 2012  11:32 AM ET

The Astros are moving to the AL West next year and get to face Pujols again.

Thats right...wasn't sure when they were moving and too lazy to look it up...will miss them in the NL central...they are keeping my Cubs from being last in the division

January 28, 2012  11:32 AM ET

The TIGERS did.

Probably, because Fielder is 4 years younger.

January 28, 2012  12:02 PM ET

Who the **** cares !!!!! ... They're both **** multi-millionaires several times over ... c'mon interns ... give us something tasty to comment on, this is like saying which hamburger is better ... Wendys or Burger King ... they both suck ...

January 28, 2012  12:03 PM ET

The Astros are moving to the AL West next year and get to face Pujols again.

This is an abomination that should not be accepted by the fans of MLB ...

or ... we could go smoke a fat one and just forget about it ...

January 28, 2012  12:41 PM ET

Good think I studied advanced mathematics.... and in conclusion---- 246>214don't ask how I came up with the formula to calculate that,as it is far too complex

Umm... maybe not so much.

You might want to read up on the concept of the time value of money. If you know how to invest, then it's always good to get money earlier than later. Your bank understands that, which is why you pay LOTS more total for a 30-year mortgage vs. a 15-year mortgage. Your credit card company understands it, which is why they charge people lots of $$ for deferring payments. The understanding and execution of the concept is the reason why the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer.

January 28, 2012  12:43 PM ET

ok i understand paying for the big name, it puts fans in the stands but big bats dont really win championships.....pitching and sound on base percerentage wins

January 28, 2012  01:21 PM ET

who gets better contract? or who got the best deal as a team? in terms of contract pujols got a better deal, in terms of the deal, the tigers got a better deal, why? because the lenth of years and because the player its 5 years younger than pujols, pujols could give to the angels about 5 years with a higher grade of difficulty in the fifth year, the tigers should get the whole 9 years in higher note from fielder, fielder would be 36 when his contract its done, but pujols can't guarantee not even 6 years of good production towards the halos expectations!!!

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January 28, 2012  01:33 PM ET

maybe fielder would be making twice as much than pujols the first 3 years, but pujols would be making more in the last seven years of his contract, did the angels got hammer in the deal? the amount of years its the heavy side, in this situation the one who has the winning %% its pujols because even if he hits 200 avg, he still will get paid his higher salary, even if he only drives 50 R,B,I,S he still will get paid the same big amount every year untill he finally complete his ten years deal, could pujols be able to finalize the ten years deal playing in the field? or does he will finish his last 3 years in the bench due to a injuries? what can the angels really expect in the last 3 years or 4 years from pujols contract? all in all the deal in pujols, he its the only winner!!

January 28, 2012  01:38 PM ET

the tigers and the first baseman fielder, both would get benefit from each other, the player will be able to produce greatly as the tigers are expecting, fielder its in his prime time and the tigers are well aware about it, martinez will comeback next year 2013 season and should be another big bat added to the already dangerous lineup in tigers roster,

January 28, 2012  01:43 PM ET

For the Astros, who makes for a better rivalry...the Pirates, or the Rangers?

the pirates tend to play extraourdinary baseball against the yankees, i guess the just enjoy to play against a big team as its the yankees, about the astros against the rangers? rangers should have great advantage in terms of better players, better budget, better organization, lets not forget that untill 2011 season the astros were the phillies minor league system!!

January 28, 2012  01:46 PM ET

when the astros transfer themselves to the A,L, can they become a top contenders? or would they remain being the phillies minor league system? could the astros find a new taker for their top players in the american league as they use to do with the phillies??? or would they become serious about being a competetive team in the american league??


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