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Hornets take Kaman off trade block


07:28 AM ET 02.04 | The Hornets are taking center Chris Kaman off the trade market for now and will permit him to return to the team, league sources confirmed Friday afternoon. The Hornets apparently were unable to obtain what they desired in a trade for Kaman, though several teams expressed interest, including the Houston Rockets, Cleveland Cavaliers, Indiana Pacers and Golden State Warriors. New Orleans wanted any deal for Kaman to include emerging young talent, draft picks or expiring contracts, sources said.

New Orleans Times-Picayune

Chris Kaman, Icon SMI Chris Kaman, Icon SMI
February 4, 2012  08:35 AM ET

From what i have heard the hornets were asking way to much for kaman which is why teams backed off

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February 4, 2012  09:38 AM ET

They would of been better off with the Lakers trade the Clippers trade seems to ended up bad for the Hornets

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February 4, 2012  10:14 AM ET

It was a bad move on the Hornets putting him on the trading block in the first place. they should have looked for suitors first before putting it in public. Now you have a disgruntled 10M player

February 4, 2012  10:22 AM ET

And Kamen inches closer to seeing a shrink. Nothing like the light at the end of tunnel being a train.

February 4, 2012  10:48 AM ET

The Hornets need to be sold ASAP. What the League was asking for Kaman was ridiculous. I do not blame teams interested in Kaman, not making a deal with the Hornets right now. It might be better to just sit back and see if the Hornets end up releasing him instead of being pushed into a one sided deal.

February 4, 2012  11:04 AM ET

Keep Your Bags Packed, Bro.

February 4, 2012  12:21 PM ET

They're Jerkin' Him Around Worse Than Reggie Evans Did, Bro.

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February 4, 2012  12:55 PM ET

Just let the man play. It must be annoying to Kaman that he is traded to a new team, and then the new team immediately tries to trade him yet again, all the while not even letting him play.Sheesh.

Shady Stern is at it again.

February 4, 2012  12:56 PM ET

Keep Your Bags Packed, Bro.

Stern should trade Kaman to the Wiz or the Bobcats. Come lottery time they'll have the best shot @ the #1 draft pick.

February 4, 2012  12:58 PM ET

It was a bad move on the Hornets putting him on the trading block in the first place. they should have looked for suitors first before putting it in public. Now you have a disgruntled 10M player

Let's flip the script shall we? Kaman will play lights out to get the heck out of New Orleans. Therefore, he will be professional and do what got him to $10M.

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February 4, 2012  02:58 PM ET

This is where Hornets management really effed up. They just did a Marbury or Curry on Kaman even though the guy didn't do anything wrong. You don't send the guy home and wait for a call until he gets traded or call him back and tell him to play again becuase you effed up. This is where the union should step up and freaking sue the league. This is where the unfair business practice is being violated. The Hornets are stopping Kaman from doing his job.

As long as he got his $, could the union really get involved?

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February 4, 2012  05:05 PM ET

We love Kaman in New Orleans but this team has 19 losses. 19. What's the point of playing Kaman for a couple more wins when he's clearly not going to stay after this year and the Hornets have 4 power forwards with 1 year contracts that they need to see if they are keepers or not? Having him at home was strictly to protect him from injury. I think they thought he would move quickly and he didn't, so now he's back on until someone needs him and gets desperate so they'll overpay. If you look at all the moves the Hornets/NBA have made this year they all follow the same pattern: youth, draft picks and short contracts to make the team more attractive/affordable for a buyer. I've been told they'll have a buyer by the end of the month since December, so don't hold your breath. I don't get why everyone thinks the Lakers deal was so great...Odom is garbage since his feelings got hurt. Martin and Scola would have only gotten us enough wins to have worse odds in the lottery. The Timberwolves draft pick...well, who knew? Gordon wanted a bigger deal but they were only $5 mil apart, which isn't much in the NBA world (but damn) and he's played but 2 games for the Hornets. Who would max out a guy that's only played 2 games and has been injured ever since? Let him heal up and see what he's got. Gordon is restricted so it's not like he's going anywhere. Gordon said he would resign with the Hornets and I take him at his word assuming the deal is right and the NBA gets this team sold.

February 4, 2012  06:38 PM ET

He's not good enough to play for your decidedly unimpressive lineup, but you want top talent for him in trade? Who's running that pathetic organization? OH wait, that's right, never mind.


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