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Orioles missed opportunity with Guthrie


08:13 AM ET 02.07 | Jeremy Guthrie is headed to the Rockies, shipped to Colorado, perhaps a year too late. They waited too long to move Guthrie and received too little in return. They need prospects, genuine prospects, and they did not get one in the deal that they completed with the Colorado Rockies on Monday. Guthrie for right-handed starter Jason Hammel and reliever Matt Lindstrom makes sense in a vacuum. The combined salaries of Hammel and Lindstrom in 2012 will be in the range of Guthrie's. ... [Hammel and Lindstrom] likely will not even help the Orioles advance toward contention. They are mediocre veterans -- Lindstrom may be a little better than that -- while Guthrie, 32, is a pitcher who had actual value.

Buck Showalter, Getty Images Buck Showalter, Getty Images
February 7, 2012  09:14 AM ET

First ... for a reason. No one cares about this.

February 7, 2012  09:16 AM ET

First ... for a reason. No one cares about this.

Morning moose.

February 7, 2012  09:20 AM ET

2nd, just for the heck of it. The Orioles are and will always be hopeless until Angelos sells the team.

February 7, 2012  12:01 PM ET

the orioles don't need guthrie, this pitcher wasn't never able to be a conssistant in any season with the birds, plus hammel could be a good addition to the birds roster, the orioles would need to work only with their own minor system,because it doesn't matter who the birds sign, they just can't turn this franchise just like that, the orioles shouldn't try to sign any free agent at least for the next 3 years at most!!!!

February 7, 2012  12:03 PM ET

can the orioles do themselves a favor??? stop signing big players to a big contracts because at the end they would never be able to have a talented players in their lineup!!!

February 7, 2012  12:47 PM ET

The Orioles were so good for so long that I still wince when I see what Peter Angelos has done to them. He is baseball's answer to Jerry Jones, who after years and years of failure still thinks he knows what he's doing. If the Orioles were contracted I couldn't mount a protest. As Capsfan said, nothing will change until he goes.

February 7, 2012  01:05 PM ET

while Guthrie, 32, is a pitcher who had actual value

It all depends upon one's definition of value.

February 7, 2012  01:56 PM ET

It all depends upon one's definition of value.

True... he was 9 - 17 last year.

If Value is eating up innings - without having to Win - then he has Value...

February 7, 2012  05:13 PM ET

while Guthrie, 32, is a pitcher who had actual valueIt all depends upon one's definition of value.

He did have value a few years ago. A number of teams would have given up a fair bit for him. Now... not so much

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February 7, 2012  05:51 PM ET

Photo Caption: Tell me again why I took this s--t job?

February 7, 2012  05:52 PM ET

Alternative Photo Caption: Jason Hammel? Matt Lindstrom? Pass the Tums, please.

February 8, 2012  12:07 AM ET

An irrelevant post about in irrelevant team and their trade involving irrelevant players. Yay

February 8, 2012  08:53 AM ET

They thought they were getting Cole Hamel.


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