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Trumbo's recovery in full swing


08:14 AM ET 02.10 | Within weeks of spring training, Mark Trumbo finally heard the news he was waiting for. Early last week, a trip to Los Angeles to visit Dr. Phillip Kwong, who has been overseeing his offseason recovery from a stress fracture in his right foot, cleared him to gradually get into all baseball activities. ... [Trumbo] has been doing everything short of sprinting on the field -- taking batting practice, running in the pool, throwing and, most importantly, getting some necessary work at third base. "I'm very happy with the news that I got," said Trumbo, who plans to arrive in Spring Training about a week before he's required to. "Everything feels fine, and I'm able to do everything I hoped I would be able to."

Mike Scioscia, Getty Images Mike Scioscia, Getty Images
February 10, 2012  08:36 AM ET

Mark Trumbo .... memory bank scan reveals no information on subject ...

February 10, 2012  01:15 PM ET


February 10, 2012  01:16 PM ET

now, we all know too well, that trumbo hasn't play at the thrid position for the longest, and if sometime in the past he did play at third bas it was a totally dissater!!!

February 10, 2012  01:20 PM ET

playing first base its one thing, trying to play a new position, plus you can added a injuried foot to the new spot, its like asking for a serious injury waiting to happen!!!

February 10, 2012  01:26 PM ET

the angels had have brought the type of problem at top of the table, as every team would like to have this type of a problem, just because its a good problem to have, now the angels could trade trumbo so he could continue playing first base, the nationals would like to trade lannan for trumbo or bourjos, if the angels trade trumbo to the nationals then they should try to get strasburg in return, or harper, so what's going to be??

February 10, 2012  01:31 PM ET

for the angels, trading trumbo shouldn't be the only option, there has to be another solution to this exccess of players at the same position, back in1995 the angels did had too many outfielders, but that didn't mean they did had to trade those extras players, because the injuries did play a big role in that time, and this season there won't be any exceptions!!!

February 10, 2012  02:10 PM ET

Mark Trumbo .... memory bank scan reveals no information on subject ...


How about a story about Kendrys Morales (who I traded for a week before his injury in '10)...

when's he coming back?

February 10, 2012  04:54 PM ET

when's he coming back?

he will be arriving two weeks earlier to the trainning camp, the player its blowing away every ball to the stands!!!

February 10, 2012  04:57 PM ET

trumbo, morales, mike trout, bourjos abreu, hunter, will be a trade bait, the fans wouldn't agree with this crazy idea but the boss its dipoto, so he may be pulling some ackwards trades, it may help the halos and it may not help them at all!!!

February 10, 2012  05:02 PM ET

if the angels decide to pull a crazy trades, it should be to improve the franchise but not just puill any trade just because, it has to help the team in oustanding way, trumbo for strasburg, morales and trumbo for CLAYTON KERSHAW,, or mike trout and bourjos, for longoria from the rays, this type of trades would be a hugh splash nevertheless!!!

February 10, 2012  05:21 PM ET

conger it has been placed as a trade bait!!

February 10, 2012  05:23 PM ET

trading for a conssistant starter it would be a plus for the halos rotation,

February 10, 2012  05:23 PM ET

from lannan to strasburg, the rookie should be more accurate trade for the halos!!

February 10, 2012  05:26 PM ET

to have too many out fielders shouldn't be any problem,,,,

February 10, 2012  05:28 PM ET

to have too many out fielders shouldn't be any problem,,,,

February 10, 2012  05:28 PM ET

to have too many out fielders shouldn't be any problem,,,,

February 10, 2012  05:31 PM ET

to have too many out fielders shouldn't be any problem,,,,

February 10, 2012  06:07 PM ET

would it be better if the halos bring in conger as a backup catcher for eanneta??? or they do trust too much wilson as a backup catcher?? honestly i don't trust at all that new catcher that the halos trade from the rockies!!

February 10, 2012  06:12 PM ET

i don't trust this catcher,,,

why??? because i have the feeling that he would blow the team in the diffense side, if this catcher has a weak style in calling games every time he has to catch a game, the angels could turn backwards their best pitchers and this could be a result of lack of experience at the catching spot!!!

February 10, 2012  06:12 PM ET

should the halos bring in pudge rodriguez as a mentor???


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