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Holland moonlights as TV weatherman


07:40 AM ET 02.12 | The Texas Rangers don't have to worry about losing pitcher Derek Holland to the television biz. After watching him do the weather for Dallas-Fort Worth station WFAA-TV, it's safe to say he won't be filling in for Pete Delkus anytime soon. Bringing his Harry Carey to the studio, Holland tried his best to do the evening weather for the station, but he kept blocking the weather map. Click link for video.

Dallas Morning News

Derek Holland, Screenshot from Derek Holland, Screenshot from
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February 12, 2012  09:31 AM ET

Thanks FN. We just love a good athlete/weatherman story.

February 12, 2012  09:42 AM ET

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February 12, 2012  10:19 AM ET

....holland wil be one of the top 10 pitchers in mlb this season....

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February 12, 2012  10:52 AM ET

Nice to see the kid is having fun.

Here's hoping last season was the one where the light came on...

10 days...

February 12, 2012  11:15 AM ET

Big Deal, I think Josh Beckett, John Lackey, Jon Lester are doing commercials for KFC and Bud Lite.

February 12, 2012  11:54 AM ET

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this trash has to go!!!!

February 12, 2012  11:57 AM ET

the rangers could had have a second oportunity with holland in the world series against the cardenals, if only they had brought in this pitcher to the mound in the seven game!!!

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February 12, 2012  02:57 PM ET

Scratchin' and clawin' for stories, come on weekend interns. Focus on the spam at least, if not on the more intriguing stories.

February 12, 2012  06:19 PM ET

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February 13, 2012  02:15 PM ET

What a spaz.


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