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'Melo pokes fun at the Lin-sanity


08:09 AM ET 02.14 | Carmelo Anthony found some humor in Lin-sanity, joking Monday that he just hoped there was a spot for him on the team plane. Anthony, who is expected to return from a groin injury later this week, maintained that coexisting with new point guard Jeremy Lin will not be an issue when he returns to the lineup. He laughed at the suggestion that the isolation plays he executes so well would disrupt the rest of the offense as Lin and forward Amar'e Stoudemire negotiate Mike D'Antoni's free-flowing offense. "When I'm reading the stuff, it???s more funny than anything because at the end of the day I know what I bring to the game," Anthony said. ... "But to say, 'How can I fit in?' It's easy -- give him the ball and space out."

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February 14, 2012  08:24 AM ET

Time to trade Melo to the Heat.

February 14, 2012  08:26 AM ET

Melo every one else is laughing at you. Linsanity exists because the kid lead the Knicjks to winning...something you didn't do!

Yupp.. it's easy to laugh when ur sitting on the bench. But when you come in and don't fit in the jokes will be on you Melo. You need to change your whole style of play which we all think will be a difficult adjustment but ur making light of it which is very annoying. You will get shipped out if you don't change your game.

It's the New York Lins... get with it!

February 14, 2012  08:26 AM ET

Time to trade Melo to the Heat.

No thanks. We don't want anything from Miami. Let's ship him to Golden state for Monta Ellis and David Lee.

February 14, 2012  08:31 AM ET

How can you take anyone wearing a bow-tie seriously anyway?

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February 14, 2012  08:51 AM ET

While Melo may be an egomaniac, but he is Melo nevertheless. He is clutch player, he is high-performance scorer from all places on the floor, his skills on offence and on defence are hard to match by anyone. What he needs - an attitude adjustment. And I think it's easier to find a good shrink for the team to resolve all mental issues than to find a better player.
If Lin keeps playing at the same level as recently, then my money on NYK being fearsome contender in playoffs as long as their stars remain healthy.

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February 14, 2012  08:59 AM ET

Somehow, someway, its like I keep hearin the shytte like every single day.......people tellin the Knicks what they need to do in order to succeed. This also sounds to simular to all the stuff the same people suggested to the Giants.'d that work out for ya pal? Seems like the Giants did quite alright, and so will the Knicks.

The Knicks are not the Giants. (at least the pre-Lin Knicks weren't at all like the Giants -- who had won it before and have a leader and as a team are tough, crunch-time players)

February 14, 2012  09:02 AM ET

The Knicks are Need to sign this kid BACK!!!!

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February 14, 2012  09:07 AM ET

Lol, wut?

When his contract runs out, sign him back to the knicks..... Get him for a Nice Deal!!!

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