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Jocketty: Oswalt's waiting for Texas


08:14 AM ET 02.14 | Walt Jocketty on Monday sounded like a guy who was ready to open the spring with his current roster intact. "I think so," he said. "We'll meet again Wednesday and review it. But I think we're pretty well set. We've got 57, 58 guys. It's a good mix." That would mean no Roy Oswalt. Jocketty said the Reds have had no contact with Oswalt's agents in the last week. "I think he's waiting for Texas to clear money," Jocketty said. The Reds did not send a scout to see left-hander Scott Kazmir throw in Houston. "We chose not to based on what we've seen the last few years," Jocketty said. ... Aroldis Chapman is in Arizona and throwing. "He's healthy and feels good," Jocketty said. The plan is still to get him ready as a starter.

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Roy Oswalt, Getty Images Roy Oswalt, Getty Images
February 14, 2012  08:24 AM ET

Why?? They have no room for him..this guy is stubborn as an ox..he doesn't want to pitch in the pen, but wants to pitch for Texas..not going to happen.

February 14, 2012  08:26 AM ET

another Oswalt thread ... back to you Chet ...

February 14, 2012  08:31 AM ET

According to recents reports from Daniels, they have far exceeded their payroll from last year. I don't see this.

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February 14, 2012  08:56 AM ET

These Oswalt threads are so flippin' redundant. I hope he ends up having to take a huge paycut and play for a small market team that doesn't make the playoffs.

February 14, 2012  08:57 AM ET

Ben Cherrington, please do not sign this guy!

February 14, 2012  09:08 AM ET

Ben Cherrington, please do not sign this guy!

You just jinxed it.

February 14, 2012  10:30 AM ET

someone has to sign him...maybe after Spring training...

February 14, 2012  10:46 AM ET

Ole' Lonesome Roy

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February 14, 2012  11:14 AM ET

One year, incentive-laden deal............

He knows the storyline by now. Perhaps he'll wait it out (a la Roger Clemens) and hope a team finds a need. Someone's rotation is always falling apart by April.

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February 14, 2012  11:22 AM ET

Go Reds!

February 14, 2012  12:03 PM ET

Go Reds!

Aroldis "Nuke" Chapman is quite the phenom. Fun to watch; scary to face!

February 14, 2012  12:12 PM ET

Unless starters start dropping like flies in Surprise, I don't see the Rangers signing him.

February 14, 2012  12:39 PM ET

Tarde what power you have and hire fast defensive guys who hit for as much avg as salary will allow..

February 14, 2012  12:41 PM ET

Tarde what power you have and hire fast defensive guys who hit for as much avg as salary will allow..

Wrong thread, Damn you spinny thing!!!

February 14, 2012  01:21 PM ET

kazmir would have to pay if he really would like to play in the majors!!!

February 14, 2012  01:21 PM ET

Oswalt may have to seat out this season, the rangers top their limit in their budget with the signing of napoli!!!!

February 14, 2012  01:24 PM ET

chapman have to be ready to become a starter, but he really needs to focus on working mentally because he has to transfer his mind in the starter position and forget about being a reliever!!!!


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