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Wright next out the door in Queens?


08:20 AM ET 02.15 | The debts are staggering and the financial picture is uncertain, perhaps even bleak if the Mets don't prevail in the courthouse, all of which leaves the team in Queens in a suspended state of progress. A big verdict against the Mets in the Madoff case only would add to the team's obligations. Even a relatively light judgment could stretch the owners to the limit. And this season, with no Jose Reyes, no Carlos Beltran and seemingly little chance of contending in the NL East, team revenues could fall sharply. Third baseman David Wright, earning $15 million, could be the next to go. The Mets, rather than make the mistake they made by keeping Reyes, could trade Wright if the team flounders and Wilpon remains in limbo.

David Wright, Getty Images David Wright, Getty Images
February 15, 2012  08:45 AM ET

Just close shop for the year.

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February 15, 2012  09:19 AM ET

Freddie Coupon gonna be fielding a team of random Dominicans off the streets of Queens soon.

You gotta stop buying tickets and watching SNY Mets fans. You want him out you gotta cut into the TV money, too.

February 15, 2012  09:34 AM ET

I'd take him in Cleveland, Cleveland just won't pay him though.

February 15, 2012  09:48 AM ET

its bound to happen.....whats the point in keeping him that this point???

February 15, 2012  10:07 AM ET

Send him to Philly for a box of baseballs and a few bats

February 15, 2012  10:20 AM ET

Here FoxSports stick this article in your pipe and smoke it.......:P

Sandy Alderson: NY Mets will be better than people think, team is hopeful Johan Santana will be healthy

Read more: ter-people-team-hopeful-johan-santana-healthy-article-1.1022658#ixzz1mSq7XU o7 ter-people-team-hopeful-johan-santana-healthy-article-1.1022658

February 15, 2012  10:21 AM ET

oh and thank you SI for leaving Kate up top......

February 15, 2012  10:23 AM ET

Should get a decent return for him. Tigers should take a shot at him. Put him at 3rd full time and put Cabrera at DH, splitting time at 1st with Prince.

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February 15, 2012  10:34 AM ET

IF the team flounders and Wilpon remains in limbo... IF?????

Let's see what happens in court starting March 19 before any predictions are made .....we should all know by April what the Wilpon's fate is.....until then.....

Torres/ Nieuwenhuis CF
Tejada SS
Murphy 2B
Wright 3B
Davis 1B
Bay LF
Duda RF
Thole C


I'm gonna have to agree with Sandy its definitely not as bad as everyone thinks....

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February 15, 2012  10:59 AM ET

75 wins...With their history of injuries, Sanatana doesn't even start one game this season. Still no closer, Bay and Wright will be traded by trade deadline. STILL NO MONEY!!!!

February 15, 2012  11:07 AM ET

Only reason I can see for trading Wright is to try to replenish the farm system, which is a complete disaster at the moment. The Mets need some real, viable prospects to develop. With no money to spend for the foreseeable future, they need to be able to build from within.

February 15, 2012  11:08 AM ET

That's where I heard he was going to go, the Phillies have interest and need a solid 3B, maybe Domonic Brown and some other prospects.........

There's no way the Mets trade him to a division rival.

February 15, 2012  11:10 AM ET

I think the Tigers blew their wad on Prince, the baseball player not the musician, but then again I'm not privy to the Motor City Kitties bank ledgers.........

I hear ya, wishful thinking on my part. The bank ledger for the Prince deal will come from the owner's personal assets to a certain degree. For several years the GM publicly stated the Tigers could only reasonably afford two $20+ million players, Cabrera has been one the past few season and Verlander's bumps from $13 to $20 million this season. The Prince contract was Illitch's move all the way. The way he's made it sound they may not even break even if they reach the ALCS round. But the guy's 82 or 83 and has said he would trade a couple Stanley Cups he has with the wings for one WS title.

February 15, 2012  11:17 AM ET

It is the logical next step. Get some fast obp guys...


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