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McMillan feeling heat in Portland


10:14 AM ET 02.19 | FIRE NATE MCMILLAN!!! Chances are, if you are a Trail Blazers fan you have either said, heard, or read those words in the past couple of weeks. And Blazers coach Nate McMillan said that one way or another, he has either heard it, felt it, or sensed it during this trying season. The people who make the ultimate decision whether McMillan is making the right decisions are backing him. Owner Paul Allen directed questions to team president Larry Miller, who said, "We still have complete confidence in Nate," and, "We are confident we are going to get it going in the right direction."

The Oregonian

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February 19, 2012  01:29 PM ET

This is ridiculous. McMillan is one of the leagues best coaches. Just because a team is struggling a little bit everyone wants to throw the head coach to the street. People who understand sports realize a good coach needs time (years) to mold the team the way they want. Being a consistent winner is very hard to find. Look at Jerry Sloan, George Karl, Don Nelson, Jeff Van Gundy, Jeff Fisher, Bill Cowher, Tom Couglin, all coaches who either have never won or took a long time to win. And all of them are always talked about as coaches teams want to hire the minute they are available. McMillan has dealt with more injuries than anyone, the Greg Oden situation, Brandon Roy situation, new players, shortened training camp, no GM, and a year to year contract that he wants because he wants to earn his keep, something no other coach does in any sport & nobody ever talks about!

February 19, 2012  02:00 PM ET

Nate sure can coach, he has to get into phase II, that's called sitting players, all the great coaches somehow survived by sitting there best Players, Lombardi of course proved my Coach my system, be glad I put you in the line up, some how or other the team rallied around the coach, Chuck Daly would smile and bench you.....

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February 19, 2012  04:22 PM ET

He's been there a long time and while the Blazers have played well, they haven't won anything! Sorry Nate but it's just one of those things. Teams pay millions to coaches for championships. When they don't get rings they need new coaches. Not is business! .Too bad the Blazers have experienced the Superstar Injury monster! That said, you need to win to keep your job!

it may be time to go

February 19, 2012  04:23 PM ET

McMillan is a "Dead Man Walking."

or better start winning dude

February 19, 2012  04:23 PM ET

it all started w/drafting that bust Oden... be down hill ever since

February 19, 2012  04:24 PM ET

just win baby win

February 19, 2012  04:49 PM ET

if I'm McMillan, I think I would be ready to roll frankly. With franchise level stars getting hurt every year, 3 GM's in a little over a year, and now it's 'why aren't we winning'? At this point it would just be better if everyone just parted amicably...McMillan should take a year off and wait for the right job. Portland was the jail blazers before him, and will lose Aldridge when his contract is up. No history to hold him there, no future to look forward to. It's time to move on...

February 20, 2012  12:53 AM ET

Has Oden even played this season? ... the main question should be do the players still follow his lead? Haven't heard any grumbling from the team so it goes to show you that it is the media trying to get him fired....


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