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Ichiro 2.0 scalding line drives


08:14 AM ET 02.22 | Eric Wedge riled up an otherwise quiet Mariners camp Tuesday with the news that Ichiro would hit third. [Ichiro] turned 38 last October, and now he will be asked to re-invent himself. And do so in the spot in the batting order many consider to be the most crucial -- the one traditionally reserved for the team's best hitter. ... We are already seeing signs of what for him is a radical new approach. For one thing, in batting practice Ichiro has unveiled a much wider, and more balanced, stance. For another, he's not lifting his front leg, not perceptibly. His hands are lower. And, putting it all into action, he seems much more intent on scalding line drives than the slashing style of old.

The Seattle Times

Ichiro, Getty Images Ichiro, Getty Images
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February 22, 2012  10:26 AM ET

Typical puff piece from the Seattle press.

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February 22, 2012  11:22 AM ET

They always said he could have hit for more power if he wanted to/changed his swing. now we will find out.

February 22, 2012  11:24 AM ET

Sounds good to me. He's making all the adjustments an aging player has to make. I think he'll be successful this year and I hope to see him get his 200 hits.

February 22, 2012  11:39 AM ET

Sounds good to me. He's making all the adjustments an aging player has to make. I think he'll be successful this year and I hope to see him get his 200 hits.

If he is hitting for power, trying to, he will not get his 200 hits. From what I have read about him over his career his avg will suffer and his HRs will go up.

February 22, 2012  01:45 PM ET

This is not going to end well for Mr. Wedge...

February 22, 2012  03:44 PM ET

If you need to change and are able to do it to meet your new role - more power to him. Good luck.

Agree; it's tough to change your batting style at 38 years of age, and if he can pull it off more power to him!

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February 22, 2012  10:35 PM ET

Personally, I have absolutely no faith in Eric Wedge as manager. He has only twice managed a team to a winning record in a given season. So, his decision to take Ichiro out of the leadoff slot and place Chone Figgins is a joke. Chone has only had a couple good years (NOT great). He was a joke of a free agent pick up. The Mariners fell for his good free agent year in hopes he would actually help them. Ichiro had 1 (ONE) sub-par year. People are so quick to judge a player. The man had 10 consectutive years of 200+ hits and never batted under .300. He had 10 years straight of golden gloves. People say he is slower. Well, he did have fewer putouts, BUT the pitchers induced a greater GO/AO ratio which gave the outfield close to 200 fewer chances which in turn contributed to the decrease in putouts. He met his career season average in steals and was only slightly less in infield hits - and that total can be affected by struggling at the plate in general. Lastly, before last year, one of his worst years came when he tried to hit for more power. I feel that if they put him in the 3rd position, he will do the best he can to live up to what a 3rd position hitter needs to do, thus greatly affecting his numbers as they did in the past.

I think people are doing a knee jerk reaction to him having one sub-par year. Even with the reduced numbers, he was still one of the best, if not the best hitter, on a bad team last year. If he still hits the same this year and may be even next, then I will believe he is going downhill in skills. But, until that happens, I won't beleive last year was anything other than a sub-par year. I think Ichiro took last year personally and you will find out that he wil rebound this year.

February 24, 2012  02:01 PM ET

Seattle will still sux..


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