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Brooks asked to adjust game (and attitude)


08:11 AM ET 03.02 | With Deron Williams and Brook Lopez on the floor, there are only so many shots left to the Nets -- so MarShon Brooks will have to adjust. [Brooks], who took just four shots in Tuesday's victory over the Mavericks, will have to learn what it means to score without the ball. When this offense it as its best, Lopez is posting up and creating open looks for Anthony Morrow and 3-point shooters. ... It's not as efficient when Brooks is isolating. "Yes (it's an adjustment for Brooks), and we talked to him about during one of our timeouts (against Dallas) because he had this foggy look in his eyes, like, 'Coach isn't getting me the ball,'" Avery Johnson said. "But we had to keep him involved defensively because his defense was important."

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March 2, 2012  08:37 AM ET

Even they get Howard there still is only one rock.

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March 2, 2012  08:39 AM ET

sit down rookie

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March 2, 2012  09:52 AM ET


March 2, 2012  09:53 AM ET

Team Ball, Bro.

March 2, 2012  09:58 AM ET

Its called being a role player your role

March 2, 2012  12:23 PM ET

Don't care about the post but here are my preditons for next years Eastern Conference:

1. 76ers- Defense and youth. Need a closer/go-to guy
2. Nets- Get Dwight during this years trade deadline or offseason. Sign Gilbert Arenas/Allen Iverson. Press for Monta Ellis. Needs better supporting cast.
3. Knicks- Retain core of team. Defense needs imporvement.
4. Raptors- Get Jonas V. Sign Wilson Chandler. Get all players healthy. Get a solid draft pick in the lottery.
5. Celtics- Trade away Rondo. Do not resign KG or Ray. Done for. Ready for the rebuilding method.

1. Bulls- Win division with ease. Try and makes team better.
2. Pacers- Press for Tayshaun Prince and Ray Allen or Paul Pierce in offseason. Decent team. Need a finisher/closer.
3. Bucks- Health is a must. Defense improves along with scoring.
4. Cavs- Trade to get Marshon Brooks from NJ for Varejao and Parkers contracts. Developing youth.
5. Pistons- Trading anybody except Monroe, Knight, Jerebko, or Stuckey. Need more size and wing postions. Still rebuilding.

1. Heat- Chamions of the East. Again.
2. Hawks- Decent team with a good starting rotation. Need more toughness and defense off the bench. Need an upgrade at SF.
3. Magic- With Howard gone and no really amazing star studded player, expect them to stay competitive. Their team isn't entirely bad. But a .500 record is their best shot.
4. Wizards- Continuing rebuilding and maturation period. Need more maturity and development of skill.
5. Bobcats- Just need talent. Anything will do. Will try to trade for Antawn Jaminson and hopefully clear out Maggette's bad contract along with Boris Diaw's expiring contract.

March 2, 2012  12:24 PM ET

1. Heat
2. Bulls
3. 76ers
4. Nets
5. Knicks
6. Hawks
7. Pacers
8. Magic

9. Bucks
10. Raptors
11. Cavs
12. Pistons
13. Wizards
14. Celtics
15. Bobcats

March 2, 2012  12:25 PM ET

Heat over Magic, Bulls over Pacers, 76ers over Hawks, Nets over Knicks

Heat over Nets, Bulls over 76ers

Bulls over Heat

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