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D'Antoni deflecting heat on Lin


08:09 AM ET 03.06 | Jeremy Lin's recent results have brought out the critics, but Mike D'Antoni isn't one of them. Despite a recent drop-off in Lin's play, partly due to opponents game-planning to stop him, the Knicks coach believes the young point guard has the intangibles to come out on top. One day after Rajon Rondo roasted Lin in Boston and the Boston Herald's back page blared "Lin Who," D'Antoni said he has no immediate plans to give backup point guard Baron Davis a chance to replace Lin. Lin finished with six turnovers and 14 points on 6-of-16 shooting. "He's going to be good, he is good," D'Antoni said. "I'm not going to mess with his mind right now. Sometimes he'll have great games, sometimes not so good."

New York Post

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March 6, 2012  08:26 AM ET

He was gonna come back to Earth eventually.

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March 6, 2012  08:48 AM ET

Boston is not going anywhere this year anyway, why so cocky :)?

March 6, 2012  08:50 AM ET

Everyone has their bad days... he will be ok. Just learn from it, and dont do it in the playoffs.

March 6, 2012  08:57 AM ET

This exactly why Mike D. should'nt be the Knicks coach and should have been fired long ago. Look, the reality of it all is that Lin cannot close underpressure and he most certainly so far has'nt looked well against top defensive teams. Mike had the Knicks totally unprepared coming out of a time out with the game on the line. This would not have happen had you had a coach who coaches both ends of the floor. The Knicks had a foul to give, let the C's run some clock and then foul before a three is attempted. Under no circumstances should the C's have been allowed to attempt a 3 before being 1st fouled. Anyone who act as though they have not seen this turnover machine Lin, this very flappable under pressure Lin in not dealing with reality and are blowhearts caught up in the Linsanity. The Knicks will need veteran leadership (Davis) down the stretch in close games if they're going to have any chance a success seeding wise, playoffs wise. Lin is not equiped exp. wise nor is he in overall talent wise. I mean the defense is laughable, his shot in cruch time is laughable by NBA standards. The Knicks have a lotta talent on this team and can go places with the right coach and the right rotations in crunch time. Jeremy Lin is not that person at present and Davis gives us the best chance in these situation...period. I like Lin and I think he is our future, but we're not talking future, we're talking right now, this season. Ask yourself this it about the overall success of Lin and Linsanity or is it about the overall success of the New York Knicks. The answer is crystal clear to me, it the Knicks.

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March 6, 2012  09:09 AM ET

I will admit that since his contract became guaranteed (and the starters came back), he has been more apprehensive. I am not sure if he lost his hunger or if he is trying to get everybody involved too much. He just needs to stay aggressive, draw the defense and find the open man or finish. I think he will be fine, but they just have to gel. I was the only person (on here) saying that it was too early to say the Knicks were finished when they were 8-15 and I think they will get hot by the end of the season and make a deep playoff run. I just hope Shumpert gets more minutes and J.R. Smith gets less. The whole team needs to cut down on turnovers.

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March 6, 2012  09:11 AM ET

Did you watch the last minute of the game? Lin got them 5 points to get them a lead in the last seconds! Lin also won many games for NY especially in the last minute of games! The team is at full strength now and they just need to gel more. You're blaming the kid who solely rejuvenated the Knicks!

This is exactly what I've been telling everybody who said he had an awful game Sunday.

March 6, 2012  09:18 AM ET

This is exactly what I've been telling everybody who said he had an awful game Sunday.

Being a point guard is a head game more than anything else. When Melo and STAT were out Lin kept attacking cos he had to score - it worked out well. But once the elephants got back he had to tone down his game and focus more on getting the whole team involved which is very hard to do. That's why Nash is so exceptional.

But a point guard that keeps attacking keeps the defense on their heels all the time which opens up the lanes for passing. If you watch Russell Westbrook he plays as if it's 1 on 5. He's in constant attack mode. Yes he'll take bad shots, yes he'll look selfish. But at the end of the day he only passes when the defense offers those lanes and may I say they win a lot? Lin needs to his feet on the pedal and keep scoring. Forget Melo and STAT. Only pass when you have to...

He needs to have the mentality of bruiser that's always coming down to score... not to pass.

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March 6, 2012  09:26 AM ET

Here's what I saw in OT (and in case you did'nt, go to NBA rewind and chech it out). In OT Lin went in the lane 3 straight times with no one to pass to and chucked up wild shots, and of course, they all missed. He got beat unimagineablely badly by Rondo twice (inexcuseable) on xmas layups. Game Over!

Lin save our this what this is all about? Are we to be in denial and just dedicate blind loyalty to Lin. You saw the results of Lin against all the very bad teams while the Knicks were at home. Its now time to check Lin out on the road against good teams and I'm quite certain after the new 4 games your opinons will waiver. This much I'm sure. I will have a watchful eye on you's and your comments regardin on it!

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March 6, 2012  09:40 AM ET

agree with your premise, but lin doesn't have the athletic ability of RW

Agreed. But you don't have to be freakish athletic to be a scoring point guard. You just need to master when to attack and when to distribute the ball. But since Lin is still raw and will need time to develop that balance he needs to keep doing what worked... that is keep scoring. If Melo and STAT can buy into and play hard on defense like the scrubs did when them two cats were out all will be well with Knicks...

March 6, 2012  09:41 AM ET

Lin was averaging 8apg when Melo and Amare were out. Big difference with him and Westbrook. Lin tries to make his teammates better.

All his team mates are more experienced and better than him so he has to get mean and play for himself... everything else will fall in place.

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