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A's owner fuels territorial rights battle


08:25 AM ET 03.08 | Lew Wolff changed his tune Wednesday. [The Oakland A's owner] has maintained a carefully measured public posture when discussing the team's dispute with the San Francisco Giants over the territorial rights to San Jose. On Wednesday, that changed. Wolff and the A's issued an official statement asserting for the first time that the team has just as much right to Santa Clara County as the Giants do -- and cited previously undisclosed evidence from a 1990 Major League Baseball owners' meeting to back up that contention. ... Those 1990 MLB meeting minutes, it has been learned, also contain a passage that indicates the Giants' rights to Santa Clara County took effect only if the new stadium was satisfactorily completed.

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Bob Melvin, Icon Sports Bob Melvin, Icon Sports
March 8, 2012  09:09 AM ET

Intrigue ... I like it :]

March 8, 2012  10:02 AM ET

Call out the CRIPS and the BLOODS ONE MORE TIME!!!!

March 8, 2012  10:24 AM ET

I don't see a happy ending here for the A's franchise.

March 8, 2012  10:53 AM ET

50 miles from Oakland.... does that really make sense for the A's ownership?

March 8, 2012  11:53 AM ET

Uh....who cares? The San Jose Athletics? I say again....who?

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March 8, 2012  12:31 PM ET

Uh....who cares? The San Jose Athletics? I say again....who?

Could be a great market with the sheer number of people in that metro area and the high income levels.

March 8, 2012  01:12 PM ET

Rjfish is right -- heckuva lot more people available down there and lots, and lots of corporate sponsorship opportunities.

March 8, 2012  01:54 PM ET

Uh....who cares? The San Jose Athletics? I say again....who?

Asks the Royals fan....Ha!

March 8, 2012  02:13 PM ET

That is Bob GEREN not Bob MELVIN...

March 8, 2012  06:08 PM ET

the A's should move to tijuana mexico, and avoid the fight against the san francisco giants!!!

March 8, 2012  06:09 PM ET

That is Bob GEREN not Bob MELVIN...


March 8, 2012  06:11 PM ET

the nationals are trying to impress the national league, after all jackson was a bargain the addition of this pitcher could benefit the nationals in the 2012 season!!

March 8, 2012  06:11 PM ET

the angels still have weakness in their relievers!!!

March 8, 2012  06:13 PM ET

the yankess had find out in the hard way, their top reliever robertson sprained his foot at home, how long would he remain in the DL??

March 8, 2012  06:14 PM ET

the rays lost david price due to a stiffness neck, could he be ready for the opening season day??

March 8, 2012  06:16 PM ET

cole hamels would look good on the yankees uniform, about the tag 20 millions per season still a bargain, the yankees could pay him up to 25 millions per season without any hesitation!!!

March 8, 2012  06:17 PM ET

the reds would be a tough contender, other than that only san luis could represent a problem to the reds, the brewers are out regardless how hard they try to said the opposite!!

March 8, 2012  06:18 PM ET

the blue jays are trying to make some noise, could they trade for another top starter???

March 8, 2012  06:20 PM ET

the d'backs are a mess as a team, should the GM worried about the team failure's as a team???


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