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Heat's Miller out again


08:11 AM ET 03.19 | To the naked eye, Mike Miller's spirits were in better shape than his foot. [Miller] limped into the locker room on Sunday, exchanged a few friendly words with the media, hopped into his sweatpants with great effort and limped back into the training room. Miller and his sprained left ankle didn't look close to being ready to referee a seventh-grade game, much less play in an NBA game. About 30 minutes earlier, Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said: "He wants to play [Sunday night]. He'll probably have to go through some more rehab this week while we're here." Miller, shooting 49.3 percent from three-point range, has now missed four games since sustaining the injury March 10 against Indiana.

The Miami Herald

Mike Miller, Icon Sports Mike Miller, Icon Sports
March 19, 2012  08:22 AM ET

FIRST!!! Woooow I feel like Mitt Romney this morning!!

Miller is playing? I haven't even noticed that. Heat don't need Miller, Jones is doing a great job with the 3-ball.

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March 19, 2012  09:26 AM ET

It should be a headline when he actually DOES play

March 19, 2012  10:06 AM ET

Anything Left In The Tank, Bro?

March 19, 2012  10:43 AM ET

You guys are just hating!!!! He is good on that one basket he makes a month....

March 19, 2012  11:01 AM ET

That is Lbj carma going around ,around and around

March 19, 2012  11:37 AM ET

There is 1 thing that LBJ won that Kobe will never win, A Bronze medal

March 19, 2012  12:29 PM ET

He looks like he needs a dentist.

March 19, 2012  12:58 PM ET

And the Heat used their mid-level on this guy! Bad management choice. The Heatles can't afford to bring in quality players anymore. That's because the Big 3 sacrificed so much of their salary for the good of the

Bad management choice??

Injuries are can not help that.

The guy is a very important role player in Miami and between his decent defense, deadly 3pt shooting and rebounding, Miami will need him down the stretch.

Depth is important with all of the clustered games they are playing.

Once he comes back, all will be good.

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March 19, 2012  02:41 PM ET

I hope the Heatles pick them up...

I'm not a Heat fan -- but I think Fisher would fit pretty well with the Heat.

Lebron & Wade do a lot of the PG duties for handling the ball.

Fisher could hang in the corner & shoot 3s.

Fisher could help ensure they run their stuff.

They would have to hide Fisher on defense -- but Wade & Lebron are versatile defenders and almost all other contenders have a guard who isn't very offensive minded. (Bulls, Mavs, OKC, Lakers)

March 19, 2012  03:30 PM ET

JGB is right. Heat has too many SGs and SFs. They needed PGs and centers. And the big 3 takes most of the minutes anyways...

Too many?

You have Wade, Miller, LeBron, Battier and Jones.

How is that too many?

1 guy goes down, you have 4 in rotation...and sometimes LeBron is playing the 4, meaning all get time.

Granted, Miami does need a Center, but none have been available for the mid-level exception the last 2 years.

Adding Miller and Battier were both good moves.

Trust me...if someone worthy at the 5 comes along, Riles will get him...just none have.

And seriously, Miami is 1 game behind Chicago for the best record in the league...things could be worse!

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