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The engine behind N.C. State's turnaround


08:32 AM ET 03.20 | What a difference a year has made for Mark Gottfried and North Carolina State. A year ago, people didn't know where the [N.C. State] program was going, who the coach was going to be, which players would be back. In less than 12 months, Gottfried has not only taken N.C. State back to the NCAA tournament for the first time in six years, but beat two higher-seeded teams to advance to a regional that also includes North Carolina. "Honestly, I didn't know what to expect," N.C. State forward Richard Howell said. "But I am grateful for the situation, that coach Gottfried came in. I feel like it's a blessing. The amount of confidence he has in us is unbelievable. I feel like that's why we're so good." It's a turnaround of Homeric proportions.

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Mark Gottfried, Getty Images Mark Gottfried, Getty Images
March 20, 2012  09:20 AM ET

He's done a good job at NC State. Maybe NC State is a good spot for him because the football team will never have a higher profile than the basketball team... and he gets the redass when he's not the center of attention.

March 20, 2012  09:34 AM ET

JK....I always heard that was the rub at Bama, but never knew if it was true or not.

This wasn't a popular hire when he went to NC State, but it's working out well for him and the school.

As for Bama, I really like Grant (although he had a brain-fart at the end of the NCAA loss). I think he and Anderson have the most upside potential in the league. In the end, all sides are better off......good luck to Gottfried.

March 20, 2012  09:53 AM ET

JK....I always heard that was the rub at Bama, but never knew if it was true or not.

It was very much true. He went to the elite 8 in 2004, I think and then his teams started getting worse. And then, he did the worst thing possible in a fan's mind. He criticized the fans over attendance.

And then within 2 years, or so, Coach Saban was hired and he really got a po'ed attitude over the way the fans took to Saban. Add to this rumors of infidelity with students and he was on the way out...

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March 20, 2012  11:17 AM ET

Now why would this be so wrong? :-)

I thought that got him brownie points on this site? LOL

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March 20, 2012  12:43 PM ET

If he were Nick Saban he would not have worried about co-eds. Along with all the $$$$ Bama probably threw in a few co-eds for free. If Nick is going to cheat in football he may as well cheat on his wife too.

YES! Let the Butthurt Flow through you! Give in to the Butthurt! Feel its power!!!

March 20, 2012  02:10 PM ET

He did this with Sidney Lowe'e players. However, he does have a decent class coming in next year.


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