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Odom hurt by boos, considered leaving the game


08:09 AM ET 03.27 | Lamar Odom spent part of Monday at a zoo in Dallas, which offered a more civil environment than he's encountered lately on the court. [Odom] said Monday that Dallas Mavericks fans are misreading him if they believe he doesn't want to play for their team. He said that getting booed last Wednesday was "a little confusing and little hurtful," and that he's been up front about his situation since the day he arrived in Dallas. ... "I admitted I was out of shape for different reasons when I came into camp. I admitted what I had been through; I was honest about how my summer went, how I almost left the game with everything I went through, and I think people just took it the wrong way, like I had a reason not to be here or if I didn't want to be here.

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Lamar Odom, Icon Sports Lamar Odom, Icon Sports
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March 27, 2012  08:19 AM ET

Odom hurt by boos, considered leaving the game

Don't let the door hit you in the ****.

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March 27, 2012  08:34 AM ET

Funny how every one keeps bad mouthing the guy....Is he having a horrible year? Yes. Its not like dude is an awful person or he out doing wrong...He is struggling on the court not in court....No one knows how death will affect you but because he makes millions he is under a different way of dealing with it. Come on folks people calling him a head case and degrading his character is not worth it. You can talk bad about how the dude is playing but dont act like he is a horrible person.

March 27, 2012  08:37 AM ET

This is a little embarassing for Odom. He's gone from Phil Jackson to Dr. Phil.

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March 27, 2012  08:42 AM ET

Odom, you can come to Cleveland or NY...

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March 27, 2012  08:44 AM ET

Give him a fried bologna sandwich with mustard... That will make him feel better....

this will make me feel better!

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March 27, 2012  09:16 AM ET

He needs to realize that all the fans care about are his effort and production on the basketball court.

March 27, 2012  09:17 AM ET

Well when you've been playing like Doo-Doo Because you got traded to the title team of last year for the whole season and crying about it Yeah, Fans Will Start to Boo You......

March 27, 2012  09:18 AM ET

You've got two titles Odom...... Just collect your final paycheck and ride into the sunset....... You can Live off of Khole's reality TV shows for the rest of your life....


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