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Is Calipari fit for NBA return?


10:18 AM ET 03.31 | Knicks rookie center Josh Harrellson, a member of Kentucky's Final Four team last season, said he believes John Calipari has a great chance to win his first NCAA championship Monday, but is less certain on whether Calipari's sideline theatrics will play well if he decides to cash in on a title by making a return to the NBA. Because Knicks management is influenced by the super agency Creative Artists Agency, the team likely will consider Calipari, a CAA client, if he wants to return to the NBA after his disastrous Nets stint of 1996-99. Harrellson said Calipari, whose club faces Louisville in tonight's NCAA Tournament semifinals, is well-suited for the NBA strategically, but less sure how his former coach's motivation tactics would fly. "The NBA is more laid-back coaching," Harrellson told The Post. "You really don't yell too much. You don't get up and stomp your feet like Coach Cal loves to do. That's what motivates guys to play hard [in college. When they see him getting into the game, that's when they get into the game and play harder for him. It might work at this level, I don't know. I've never seen an NBA coach do that. Maybe he'll be the first one to do it if he ever comes back."

New York Post

John Calipari, Icon SMI John Calipari, Icon SMI
March 31, 2012  10:28 AM ET

He'll go someday and he'll be back in college soon after. Money can buy you more at Kentucky than in the NBA.

March 31, 2012  10:42 AM ET

No, Bro.

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March 31, 2012  02:47 PM ET

Given his record, Cal always moves on before his final four appearances get vacated by the NCAA.

March 31, 2012  03:06 PM ET

When NCAA catches up to him, where will he run to... aside from NBA?
UMass: FinalFour Vacated due to rules violation
Memphis: FinalFour Vacated due to rules violation
Kentucky: Stay tuned...

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March 31, 2012  03:37 PM ET

Can he recruit the 5-6 best High Schoolers in the country year in and year out to make his team better... No... Well, then I'd stay as far away from this crook as possible.

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March 31, 2012  06:00 PM ET

Why would he give up his current position as the highest paid D-League coach?

March 31, 2012  10:34 PM ET

People can say and think what they want about Calipari, and I'm certainly not here to defend him. He is who he is. However, to call his stint with NJ disastrous is a bit unfair. 1) It was the Nets. Aside from Byron Scott and Chuck Daly, most coaching stints in NJ could be considered disastrous. 2) Calipari's coaching stint with the Nets coincided with Stephon Marbury's stint with the Nets and was fired 2 days before the trade the shipped Marbury to Phoenix for J Kidd. Had Cal had the opportunity to stay long enough to coach a Nets team lead by Kidd, there is no doubt his record in NJ would have been drastically different in terms of success.


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April 1, 2012  03:38 AM ET

Stay in the NCAA Coach Cal. Your just not NBA coaching material

April 1, 2012  09:04 AM ET

I think he'd want to stay in a place where he isn't limited by a salary cap.

April 1, 2012  09:38 AM ET

I think he'd want to stay in a place where he isn't limited by a salary cap.

And... he can work his "One-n-Done" philosophy to perfection.

April 1, 2012  10:37 AM ET

And... he can work his "One-n-Done" philosophy to perfection.

One-n-done as in coaching 1 season?

April 3, 2012  07:41 PM ET

Next coach for the Knicks: Phil Jackson in his farewell tour.......


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