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Allen uncomfortable in new role


08:11 AM ET 04.09 | On the surface, Ray Allen has adjusted. With Avery Bradley starting, Allen enjoyed considerable success and playing time in his first two games off the bench. Thursday night in Chicago, he scored 14 points on 10 shots in 31 minutes. Saturday night in Indiana, he led the team in shots with 18, was second in points with 19, and was fourth in minutes at 33. Despite that, he said he has not yet settled into the role, and doesn't expect to by the end of the regular season. "I don't think it can happen for me to ultimately become comfortable with it with these 11 games left," he said. "None of us are getting into a routine as far as settling in and what our roles are."

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April 9, 2012  08:30 AM ET

Stop crying, Ray! The other dude's younger and has more energy. You still get most of the shots anyway and you're still in the game during crunch time.

April 9, 2012  08:32 AM ET

Y're uncomfortable but your team is winning. Something tells me a wise player will shut up and figure how to make the best of the bench minutes he's getting. Accept your role and bury your ego in the interest of winning. Don't ruin it for Pierce and KG.... y're bigger than that Ray.

I need you to set a good example for Amare so he can come off the bench when he's ready...

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April 9, 2012  08:53 AM ET

its ok Ray Ray....Just play out the last few string of games and then the Mavs have the perfect role for you off the bench...I mean someone needs to fill Terry's minutes....

April 9, 2012  08:55 AM ET

I just pray amare takes jr smiths minutes

I like JR. He does take a lot of questionable shots but I do appreciate his hard work on defense.... I think that's why he keeps getting major minutes. If anything coach has to work on limiting Shumpert's minutes by playing Douglas a bit more. Shumpert's doing great but he's still a rookie who's already had leg issues due to D'Antoni running him to the ground.

Also the team has built great chemistry and it's too late in the season to mess with the starting lineup by plugging STAT back in. Amare has to come in from the bench and work his way in slowly... for the sake of his back and our 100 million investment.

April 9, 2012  09:17 AM ET

We''l start you in Chicago Ray, come on down.

April 9, 2012  09:33 AM ET

Stop crying, Ray! The other dude's younger and has more energy. You still get most of the shots anyway and you're still in the game during crunch time.

It's the changing of the guards, so to speak.

April 9, 2012  09:33 AM ET

Its ok Ray Ray, save your body for next season.

April 9, 2012  09:57 AM ET

Time Waits For No One, Bro.

April 9, 2012  09:58 AM ET

This is what Doc feels is best for the team going forward to win games so Ray is going to have to swallow his pride and take on a mentor roll for these 10 games...I think Ray will start come playoffs because it is a whole different ball game...Or this could be a ploy to make Ray not resign with them and Boston wants to seem like it was his decision to bail.

April 9, 2012  10:02 AM ET

Ray's coming to the Lakers! He deserves another ring!

[3rd time posted]

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April 9, 2012  10:28 AM ET

Time Waits For No One, Bro.

Ever watch a pot of water boil?

April 9, 2012  10:39 AM ET

Great move by Doc to have a pure scorer coming off the bench. He still gets minutes with KG, Rondo, and Pierce. I think this article is overblown, Ray isn't making a big deal out of doing this.

April 9, 2012  10:53 AM ET

It's the changing of the guards, so to speak.

Old age is great misery. This is the time when great legacies get ruined. I can only hope Ray is smart and humble enough to do his job from the bench to the best of his ability... basketball is a job for you. Do what y're supposed to do and move on. Don't take it personal. Afterall it's just a game and there's more to life than that... stay positive and stay strong. Do the right thing!

April 9, 2012  11:17 AM ET

Since he's been in Elementary School, this is probably Allen's 1st stretch where he hasn't started. No matter how nice of a guy anyone is, when Allen came to the C's, it's a shoot to the ego to not be the focus of the team's offense, but that'a decision HE made to win a ring. He probably never thought about the secondary effects like this. Every dog has to come to terms in their life that the very thing that makes them special, is no longer special. Be it a basketball Player, stock broker, teacher, or any job for that fact, experience can help you get the job, but it's results that help you keep it.

This is not a new thing he is going thrubut it's new to him, but He is going thru the same steps that Mickey Mantle, Micheal Jordan, Larry Bird, Johnny Unitas, and every other pro athlete has gone thru. The question is now and always will be, how will that athlete help the future success of the very team that he knows will no longer need him in the near future. Will he stick around and do what is expected of almost every veteran player at the end of their career, and train the very person he will lose his job to? The irony of the veteran's situation at the end of their career is the more successful they are at their veteran's part job is the faster they are successful at that job, the faster their career is over.

Many of my fellow "armchair athletes" will say that a player who continues to play well past their prime is there just to collect another year's worth of paychecks, even at the league minimum. While that is very true of many pro athletes, many veterans stay playing in the sport they love is because of their obligation they feel they owe the sport and especially their team. If you go back to the begining of time, the thing that retired athletes miss the most is the camaraderie in the lockerroom.

Give Allen a little slack when it comes to his perceived "whining". It could easily the hardest thing he will endure since the very first time he put the ball thru the hoop when he was a kid. He has never gone thru this, and instead of blaming other's for his new role, and how he deserve's more, his lack of experience of this type of situation has not prepared him how to react and what to say when he is asked about his new role. Instead of whining to reporters about how he wants to be traded so he could further his career, his talks about the difficultly about staying put, and HIS decision to do that. Professional athletes play for the same reason...loyalty. The only question is loyalty to who. His bank account, or the guys he shared blood, sweat and tears with?

He could still start for many teams in the NBA, but what is better: Starting on a team that may or may not make the playoffs, or coming off the bench and going to war with the same guys you have gone to war with for that few years and make sure the teams is prepared to continue without him?

Allen is not whining about his new role, he is commenting on the difficulty he has of his new role, yet his willingness to try to come to terms with it, not for himself, but for his teammates. When has Allen not been a team player and been selfish? What makes you think he would start now?

April 9, 2012  11:22 AM ET

he sure seemed to be comfortable on the court. Not sure what the issue is.


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