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Astros shatter dubious record


08:12 AM ET 04.10 | "Dip in attendance" doesn't begin to cover things in Houston. Sunday's crowd of 14,195 broke the record for the lowest attendance for an Astros game at Minute Maid by more than 4,000. The smallest previous crowd at Minute Maid was 18,594 on April 8, 2003, against the Cincinnati Reds. It was the third time since the team moved to Minute Maid in 2000 that the crowd was listed below 20,000. ... Despite the record low coming this early in the season and Jim Crane's tenure, the new owner and his staff are confident they can stop the box-office bleeding. "If we do things right, both business and baseball strategy, the fans will come back," vice president of marketing and strategy Kathleen Clark said.

The Houston Chronicle

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April 10, 2012  08:25 AM ET

Hate to see a franchise start off this owner and GM, new league. It's MLB folks....get in there! BUT, the franchise has to show the Houston fans they are committed to winning and they will get there. In the mean time, get the fans to come out to see the AL teams they don't see much, even with Interleague play.

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April 10, 2012  09:51 AM ET was Easter?

April 10, 2012  10:15 AM ET

Isn't that what a crowd is in Tampa?

April 10, 2012  10:21 AM ET

That's a BIG IF.

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April 10, 2012  11:50 AM ET

the astros shouldn't panic, there are very good news coming towards the astros franchise, next year the franchise would be playing in the american west division, the team gets to play against tough teams, red sox, yankees rangers, angels, and soo many more, i'm almost too sure that the attendance would increase by 95 %,,,!!!

April 10, 2012  01:37 PM ET

I have been to plenty of astros games the last few years, and in no way is this the ACTUAL attendance...must just be the paid tickets. I have been to many a game with far less than 10,000 people. I am not exaggerating at all, if they reported actual through the gate attendance, this probably wouldn't even come close.

April 10, 2012  01:37 PM ET

This is what the owner deserves. They sold out to MLB and screwed their fans. No Astros fan wants to be in the American League.

April 10, 2012  01:43 PM ET

....astros will sell out on may 18th-20th when the rangers come to town.....35,000 ranger fans in attendance.....the rangers are poised to surpass america's team across the parking lot, and bcome the world's team....

April 10, 2012  04:44 PM ET

Im a White Sox fan and it seems like ever since Houston made it in 2005 they were in decline, got rid of players, got rid of the classic orange in the uni's... bring back your classic design, bring energy back to the stadium... Those red uniforms are almost indisinguishable with the Diamondbacks, Reds, and overabundance of Red jerseys in the sport...

April 10, 2012  04:54 PM ET

Hah. Still better than the average A's attendance numbers. Those'll be real barn burners when the Astros start playing in the AL West.

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April 10, 2012  07:42 PM ET

So what? The Florida (now Miami) Marlins, who've won 2 World Series in the past 15 years (compared to the Astros' zero titles), have only had about 2,000 season ticket holders the last couple of years, with attendance sometimes less than that. The Cleveland Indians were drawing fans in the extremely low thousands as well at the old Municipal Stadium, before Jacobs Field was built.

April 10, 2012  08:24 PM ET

Isn't that what a crowd is in Tampa?

There's no MLB team in Tampa. Get your facts straight before you try to be funny.

April 10, 2012  09:00 PM ET

Heck, that's a gigantic crowd compared to the picture I saw today of the last Oakland game. I think there might have been 50 people in the stands in Oakland (probably all vendors :-).

April 10, 2012  10:44 PM ET

Houston still has a team?


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