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Kings' young Evans now at a crossroads


08:03 AM ET 04.16 | Two years ago, there seemed to be a sense that Tyreke Evans would serve as the centerpiece of the Kings' rebuilding effort. Evans was on his way to winning Rookie of the Year and was the focus of a marketing campaign touting that he was one of just four rookies to average at least 20 points, five rebounds and five assists in NBA history. As the point guard, Evans had been handed control of the Kings. And the higher-priced and more-seasoned Kevin Martin had been traded, making Evans "the man" as a rookie. Are the Kings still Evans' team? "I don't know," Evans said. ... "I like it here," Evans said. "I got drafted here, so I'd really like to be here. But I've got to wait and see what happens."

Sacramento Bee

Tyreke Evans, Icon Sports Tyreke Evans, Icon Sports
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April 16, 2012  08:47 AM ET

Evans is a good player, but he's not a #1 or #2 guyIf I were the kings, I'd make him available and see what his value is around the league, cause this 'core' isnt going anywhere

The Kings have tried that; and look where it's gotten them. They've become the Clippers of old.

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April 16, 2012  09:25 AM ET

...cause this 'core' isnt going anywhere

...'cept to Anaheim.

April 16, 2012  09:27 AM ET

Hard to produce those same numbers with this team. WHO is the SG? They have no wing scorers, Cousins will be a beast in the middle but he's still trying to find his game as well. This team is constructed wrong, send Reke to Charlotte, we'd trade the starting 5 for him! LOL

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April 16, 2012  09:56 AM ET

Better To Leave When You Can, Bro.

April 16, 2012  12:31 PM ET

..............send Reke to Charlotte, we'd trade the starting 5 for him! LOL

"Pffftt" on your starting about your lottery pick this year if it turns out to be the first or second pick?

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April 16, 2012  03:47 PM ET

I liked them when they were the KC Kings.......even add in "Omaha" to the title. Sacramento has been hard to get used to....but they might lose me if they are the Anaheim Kings. I'm just sayin'.....

April 16, 2012  04:24 PM ET

The best thing that could happen to Evans as an NBA player is if he looks at the career progression of a guy like Igoudala. He should learn to embrace the sf position and with his size/athleticism/strength he could become the same type of defender and slasher while facilitating off the ball.

It'll be a transition process given that he spent the early stages of his career being just an iso scorer, but he's shown signs this year of being able to play off the ball on offense. Now about that defense...

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May 20, 2012  11:15 PM ET

Detroit needs a player like him, they need to hit the phones and start making some trades.


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