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Bynum now more MVP than Superman


08:07 AM ET 04.16 | Sunday's Pau Gasol-Dirk Nowitzki 3-point-shooting contest may not have been the most intriguing matchup of big men in the NBA over the weekend. Andrew Bynum has now played in more games than Dwight Howard this season, and if Howard's bad back is going to keep him sidelined this will be first season ever that Bynum finishes with the higher number of the two in the "G" category. So if Bynum's numbers since the All-Star break are comparable to Howard's ... and Bynum is suddenly more durable than Howard, while his whims and transgressions don't rise to the level of franchise-altering as Howard's have, it follows that Bynum has become a more valuable center than Howard.

Andrew Bynum, Getty Images Andrew Bynum, Getty Images
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April 16, 2012  08:12 AM ET

With Kobe sitting more, we are finally starting to see what this kid is about when the burden is put on him. He's been responding very well too.

April 16, 2012  08:23 AM ET

All around bad weekend for Howard. First his back, then his ex wife wants to have the gag order lifted so she can explain what a creep he is and how Bynum is being discussed in the same sentence as him. What else can go wrong?

April 16, 2012  08:30 AM ET

I am a lifelong LAKERS' fan and love the fact Bynum is coming into his own, but one shortened season does not a Superman make. But I really hope this is a glimpse what the future holds.

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April 16, 2012  08:44 AM ET

And it took the Lakers 15 games going into the playoffs to find out that they have a dominating frontline. They could have done this at beginning of the season and they would have preserved Kobe a lot more and be fresh for the playoffs. I guess somebody has to prove that he can still be the scoring champ and that he still owns the Lakers...

Stop hating on Kobe bro.
Lakers can't make without him.
Many things came into play this season. The team is finally gelling at the right time. It's unfair to blame Kobe on it all and you know it.

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April 16, 2012  08:46 AM ET

Funny how life plays out. Howard has always being the darling C of the NBA and now the guy who has been called garbage and Greg Oden suddenly is on a MVP talk and can seriously take Lakers for the number 17.
Damn, gotta give credit to the Buss family and FO management. They are indeed the best of the NBA.

April 16, 2012  08:48 AM ET

This year bynum>howardThat being said, there is no way I would trust bynum and his emotional baggage to lead my team going forward

well, I understand what you are saying but the kid has way more upside than Howard. He still can grow and mature. His major issue was always his knees.
Now we know Howard is not Superman after all with his injury.

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April 16, 2012  08:53 AM ET

They did though pay bynum ALOT of money already, for minimal production (prior to this year) and it did take 5 years of waiting for this to happen

True, but the Lakers has been always a different team when he has been on the floor.
If it wasn't for two unlucky and weird injuries, he would have been playing at this potential while back. Gotta give props to the Lakers FO for seeing potential on this kid where everybody else thought he was garbage.

April 16, 2012  08:56 AM ET

I am not disagreeingBynum actually still has upside.But emotionally speaking......can he mature? YesBut i don't have confidence that he will, based on tje fact that hes already been a pro for 5+ years and he seems to be getting worseIMO its the alpha dog syndrome, similar to what kobe did to ShaqHopefully it works out well for you(ps- if you want to trade us kobe, I'll take

We can only hope he will mature. I think his beef is that people don't respect him and now with this breakout season he is finally getting what he wants. I am sure Kobe now sees it and like that the kid is playing up to his potential and beyond.

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April 16, 2012  08:59 AM ET follows that Bynum has become a more valuable center than Howard.

Let's not get ahead of ourselves. Howard has carried the Magic since day 1. Bynum is simply a piece. Things would be a lot different in Orlando if Howard had Kobe and Gasol.

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April 16, 2012  09:05 AM ET

Is that blaming on Kobe? Saying that they could have use the big frontline early in the season and preserving Kobe is hating? Here's what's hating for you. I hope Kobe comes back and be the ballhog that he is and forget about the big frontline. I hope he takes over from the start of the game. Let him ball hog all he wants. They can't win w/out h anyways especially in the playoffs. He will average 45 ppg in the playoffs. You like that better?

You know what I am saying it's true, every time there is an opportunity you take a shot at Kobe like he is 100% the cause of the Lakers bad play that actually is hardly bad since they are 3rd in the West.
Talk about bad play is the Mavs this year.

April 16, 2012  09:07 AM ET

It's funny I've been saying this about Bynum the whole time yet a few of you laker jock riders on here thought I was on crack for not wanting Howard over Bynum.. The joke is as much as Bynum is playing better, what's not being told is how much he wants Kobe out of town. He's tired of being in his shadow and either wants Kobe gone or for himself to be shipped out of town... This offseason will be very interesting in LaLa land... watch out.. the writing is on the wall

If he wants to win he better hope Kobe is around for awhile. Bynum can be the man in two seasons. His game still has to improve in many levels and nobody knows what kind of leader he will be yet.

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